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Summer is just around the corner! With all of the time spent indoors, most of us have likely tried our hand at experimenting with a variety of different makeup looks. If you’re looking for a way to spice up your beauty routine, look no further! Check out the hottest and trendiest summer beauty products of 2021!

1. Burt’s Bees Tinted Lip Balm

Burt’s Bees tinted lip balm is all the craze right now on Tiktok. This lip balm gives your lips a natural sheen, as well as a hint of colour. It’s perfect for people who are going for the ‘natural look’, and for those who prioritize lip softness as much as their lip appearance. 

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2.  Colourful Eyeliner 

Everything is more colourful in the summertime — The plants, our wardrobes and now even our makeup! Colourful eyeliner has recently surged in popularity, and it’s no wonder why! Colourful eyeliner is a stylish and subtle wear to brighten up your makeup look. 


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3.  Cream Blush 

Cream blush is a great alternative to powdered blush if you want a more natural look. In addition to looking more natural, cream blush also allows for a more dewy appearance than powdered blush. Cream blush has been trending recently, particularly Glossier’s cream blush. Glossier’s Cloud Paint cream blush is very user-friendly and also cruelty-free!


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4.  Brow Soap 

What is defined as the perfect eyebrows, has always been changing. Do you remember when pencil-thin brows were the hottest brows around? Those were dark times. Now, the hottest brows are fluffy brows! Fluffy brows are accomplished by brushing the brows upwards to achieve a full and wispy look. Not only are these brows trendy, but they also look natural! You use the brow soap to hold the eyebrows in their place to maintain your eyebrow fluffiness. 


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Also — if you want your fluffy brows to be semi-permanent, you should consider getting brow lamination! Click here to learn more about brow lamination!


5. Jade rollers

Jade rollers don’t only look pretty on your display stand, they also help you look your prettiest! Using a jade roller promotes lymphatic drainage and blood circulation, leaving your facial muscles appearing more relaxed and toned. In addition to this, they also help with the absorption of your skincare products, making you look even more rejuvenated! 

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With these 5 products, you’ll look extra fabulous this summer! 

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