HOLR is sitting down to chat with comedy and entertainment content creator and TikToker Bran Flakezz.

Bran Flakezz

Known publicly for creating relatable content that is aimed at putting a smile on viewers’ faces, Brandon Edleman – AKA Bran Flakezz– has a unique outlook on life.

Today, HOLR is sitting down with the talented comedy and entertainment content creator and TikToker to learn all about how he got his start in the industry, what his major brand pillars are, and what’s next for the social media star. Bran Flakezz is also giving HOLR the inside scoop on some major accomplishments and what inspires him most. Plus, he just won Philadelphia Magazine’s Influencer of the Year Award recently!

Check out our full conversation with Bran Flakezz, below.

Talk to us about how you got your start on social media.

Yeah! I was pretty late to the game, actually. I didn’t download TikTok until January 2021, but the second I did I thought it was so fun and I knew that I wanted to make videos on there. I saw what other creators were doing and wanted to share my stories. I started uploading videos and being consistent with it by doing 2 videos per day and it wasn’t picking up much traction in the first few months. In June 2021 a few videos started to go viral and by the end of that summer, I had gotten about 90,000 followers. That’s when I thought, “Wow, this really could amount to something.” It started as a hobby and soon became my whole life.
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Tell us all about your content and what inspires you- what can people expect when tuning in?

I describe myself as a lifestyle creator. I am definitely an oversharer but I think that’s what really makes a connection with the audience and builds trust. For me, no topic is off-limits. I talk about dating, going out, friendships, etc. I like to touch on every topic and connect with people who are around my age- in their 20s- and are navigating the twists and turns of what a chaotic time this is in our lives. I love that in our generation we have social media to lean on as a source of comfort and as a little bit of an escape from reality, which we need from time to time. My goal is to just have people come to my page, whenever they’re having a stressful time, and escape reality, laugh, and feel like there is someone they can be comforted, seen, and heard by.
Bran Flakezz

What are some of the major pillars of your brand as an influencer?

One is definitely relatability. If you can come across as relatable, it puts trust in yourself as a creator and your followers really feel like they can connect with you on a different level. Two is authenticity. I never want to appear as fake, phony, or like someone that I’m not. The more authentic you are as a creator, the better it translates on camera and the more people trust you. Above all is entertaining- I want people to pull up a video and be engaged and entertained the entire time, leading them to want to watch more. I always strive to be relatable, authentic, and entertaining, above all else.

You were a recent cast member on Barstool Sport’s first reality “Project Verified.” What can you tell us about this experience? 

That was super crazy! My dream in life was to be on reality TV, it’s actually what my bio says on TikTok and Instagram. When they were looking for cast members that were unhinged and unfiltered I was like, “Wow, this sounds like me!” It was a crazy experience because we didn’t have much information as to what was going on. We auditioned and they sent an email saying we had been cast. We went in blind, really- all we knew was that there were 10 cast members and that we were competing for a prize. We didn’t know what the competition entailed. It was super nerve-wracking but I ended up getting 2nd place! It was unreal.

What’s next for you?

I think everything is constantly changing. Right now I want to get into sharing my story more, like this. I want to inspire people by getting online to share my story. I don’t think this industry is going anywhere – it’s only going to get bigger and bigger as social media continues to grow. I want to inspire other people who are in a situation like I once was in terms of working a 9-5 and not feeling totally fulfilled. I wanted to do something where I used more of my voice and had more control over it. I know there are so many people who want to work in social media or be an influencer so I want to encourage others to follow their dreams- whether in this field or somewhere else. Being an entertainer and making people laugh is the most rewarding experience. That to me makes all of the difference. If one video I post can help somebody, that’s a win for me.
Bran Flakezz

Published by HOLR Magazine.