For those looking to advance their culinary abilities, TikTok recipes are the newest craze. Cardi B has now used a recipe she discovered on the video-sharing app to join the viral trend.

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“Soooo I did the viral spicy bowl for my baby ?️HOPE YALL TRY IT!!” Cardi stated in the video caption.

The Grammy-winning artist claimed that Offset requested she prepares the “trending” dish, so she chose to share the process with her followers on camera.

Cardi stated, “I got these sausages; you can get them at the 7-Eleven; they’re the “Big Mama Sausages” or whatever sausages ya’ll want to use. These are the ones I’m going to use, so I’m going to chop them up.”


Soooo i did the viral spicybowl for my baby ?️HOPE YALL TRY IT!!

♬ original sound – Cardi B

She chopped the sausages and then poured “lots and lots of hot sauce” over them in a bowl. Offset and another man’s reactions were then shown as she panned, and it’s safe to say they appeared a little taken aback. They nonetheless gave her a thumbs up, so Cardi carried on putting the supper together.

The Migos rapper tasted the unusual mixture when she asked him to, claiming “It’s good,” and adding that he would add hard-boiled eggs to a soup. When Kulture noticed how hot the dish was, she fetched her father a cup of water.

Her father seemed to be enjoying the lunch, but she seemed to be feeling differently. After trying a bit of the hard-boiled egg, the 4-year-old screamed and bolted from the table.

Rapper of the song “WAP” gave fans a peek into her day last month on TikTok. “Hey yall …..A glimpse of a regular day as BELCALIS and not CARDI B!!” the Bronx native exclaimed in the caption of the video.


Hey yall …..A glimse of a regular day as BELCALIS and not CARDI B!!

♬ original sound – Cardi B

Before going to the studio, she demonstrated to the audience how she made lunch for her kids, exercised to keep her weight in check, went shopping at Target and spent time with her family.

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