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You should try crystals if you’ve used various skincare products to get glowing skin without success. These gorgeous stones come from the earth and are beneficial in various ways, including making the skin glow, attracting abundance, reducing anxiety, and boosting sleep. 

Crystal healing has been incorporated into skincare routines for thousands of years. Apart from being naturally occurring, the crystals have no side effects. However, there are so many crystals to choose from. Therefore, you must know those you can use for a more holistic approach to flawless skin. 

How to Use Crystals on Your Skin

Before knowing the crystals, you can incorporate into your skincare routine, you must know how to use them. Although it may depend on your creativity, let’s give you some ideas.

As Mist Sprays

You can create your own crystal infusion instead of spending money on buying sprays. Place your crystals in a glass or ceramic bowl filled with distilled water. Place the glass or the bowl in the moonlight with the crystals. Be mindful of sunlight since some crystals, such as Rose Quartz, may lose color. 

Directly on the Skin

Another way to use crystals to get glowing skin is to place them on your skin while resting or meditating. Alternatively, you can use the crystals to massage the skin. Doing this reduces puffiness, wrinkles, and inflammation. It will also restore the radiance of your complexion. 

In the Bath

Using crystals in the bath allows your skin to absorb its healing energies. Be mindful that some crystals can’t be placed in water. Bathing with crystals is a very relaxing and effective way to soak in the energy from natural stones. 

Enhancing Skin Care Products

Take your current skincare products to the next level by using crystals. After applying moisturizer or serum, massage your skin with crystals. Although it sounds crazy, it enhances the product underneath to reduce puffiness and boost lymphatic drainage.

Here Are Five Crystals That Can Make Your Skin Glow

These are the crystals you can use to get a flawless skin:


Moonstone belongs to the feldspar group of minerals. The crystal is translucent with white and gray. Sometimes it comes in blue, pink, green, orange, brown, or rainbow. This crystal symbolizes feminine energy and new beginnings.

Rainbow moonstone helps relieve and moisturize dry, sensitive skin. The crystal rejuvenates the skin and limits degeneration. In addition, Moonstone jewelry pieces are said to protect the skin against acne or other allergic reactions. 

Rose Quartz

Regarded as a love crystal, Rose Quartz is connected to beauty and confidence. The crystal lessens fine wrinkles, lines, and rough skin. It also boosts circulation and relaxes the complexion. Massaging your body using a rose quartz roller eliminates impurities and toxins from the skin, making it glow.


This crystal is a wonderful addition to your skincare routine for its anti-aging properties. Aquamarine is linked to the ocean for offering serenity and clarity. Use this crystal to relieve skin irritation after shaving. It’s also very effective in cleansing and hydrating the skin. 


The magnificent crystal oxygenates and hydrates the skin. During exfoliation, it eliminates dead skin to leave you with brighter skin due to its energy and detoxification power. Amethyst also boosts sleep and circulation, leading to a healthier complexion. 


This crystal has been valued for its potent anti-aging properties for centuries. Jade also attracts wealth and good fortune. A gentle massage using a jade roller relaxes the facial muscles leading to tension and stress relief. 

The crystal boosts circulation to the skin, encouraging more blood flow in the lymphatic area, where toxins may accumulate, to make your skin glow. This stone lessens inflammation, calms tension, and enhances circulation for flawless skin. 


Give your skin a holistic treat by using crystals such as Moonstone. Crystals don’t have side effects like cosmetic products do. They also give your skin long-lasting results. You can use crystals in various ways, including in a bath, to boost your current skincare products or directly on your skin.

Published by HOLR Magazine.