The iconic wings shoe was a staple piece for many in the late 2007s and would now and always be considered camp. The iconic flashy shoe is now being rereleased with Adidas Originals and Jeremy Scott as a way to reinspire the future generations. 

Adidas Originals was inspired by the original brand Adidas and its heritage in the sporting world. The Originals brand was founded in 2001 as a lifestyle brand, creating a foundation of footwear and clothing, on the sporting brand but elevating it for those who wanted to sport a more everyday/casual look. Since 2001, Adidas Originals has continued innovating its products and creating a very fluid collaboration between activewear and sporting gear. Through a contemporary lens, youth culture was driven to wear Adidas Originals which is what started the motion of athleisure, something that is common today and is a staple for everyone’s closet. 

Looking back, Adidas Originals was a perfect match for youth culture, it was fashionable and easy to wear, and everyone loved the brand because it was a known name all around the world, especially in sports. 

In 2003, Adidas Originals partnered with young designer Jeremy Scott, just a few years after he was named ‘The People’s Designer’ a perfect match for the contemporary brand. Jeremy Scott was a pop icon all on his own, with his sense of fashion being totally different then what people thought fashion was. Between his own namesake label, and Adidas Originals Jeremy created signature pieces that were pop, camp, fearless and humorous. In 2007, Jeremy and Adidas released the Wings shoe, a true definition of were Adidas Originals was going and what Jeremy Scott had to offer. 

In 2013 Jeremy became the creative director of Moschino an Italian fashion house that was redefined by Jeremy’s direction and is now known as a brand that continues to create staples in pop and camp fashion. In the years since Jeremy has taken his direction with Adidas Originals, Moschino and his own brand in three different directions, and each direction has been one that is outstanding, especially his celebrity influence and collaboration with pop and rap icons like Katy Perry and Nicki Minaj. 

Wings 1.0 “Money”:


The original Adidas Original Wings shoe was a representation of the brand’s original prices of Adidas shoes which would cost about $100, so the pop/camp style of Jeremy Scott came into play and they created the Wing shoe “Money” which had the iconic Wing on the shoe but was covered in American money. 

Wings 2.0:


The iconic Adidas logo is what made the 2.0 simple yet camp. Taking away the money idea, and going back to its original roots, the Wings shoe had the wings carrying the shoe and represented the iconic black and white Adidas logo.

Wings 3.0 “Dark Knight”:


In a very different direction, Jeremy and Adidas Originals made a very big change to the iconic camp look. Some might say this was more camp than before, the wings had a more definitive look, a look that was also a bit more high fashion as they swooped across the front of the shoe instead of behind. 

Wings 4.0:


In the new re-release, the iconic shoe is coming back with its original look. The original black and white shoe options, and the high-top cut, but for each, they changed it up a bit and flipped the wings and kept the whole shoe one colour. 

The wings 4.0 may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but for the iconic shoe and the memories that many people hold with it, how can you not want the collaboration between Jeremy and Adidas Originals? The shoe is available exclusively on the CONFIRMED app, available on the App Store or Google Play.

Article published by HOLR Magazine