HOLR is sitting down to chat with sisters Nazanin and Yasmin Kavari to discuss their newest podcast- “What My Sis Said.”

Today, HOLR is sitting down with viral beauty and lifestyle influencer, Nazanin Kavari, and her sister, Yasmin, to talk about the pair’s newest podcast. The highly anticipated podcast, titled, “What My Sis Said,” is coming May 21st and will offer listeners an intimate look into their lives through honest conversations between sisters.
Throughout our conversation below, we also dive into the pair’s respective content, how they got started in the industry, and what’s next! Keep reading to learn all about Nazanin and Yasmin Kavari and what they have in store for their new endeavor!

Talk to us about how you both got started in the industry.

Nazanin: So I actually started back when I was in 8th grade- which is crazy! At the time the only social media that existed was YouTube and MySpace and I always looked up to the OG beauty gurus. I thought to myself- I want to do exactly what they’re doing. I found my mom’s old Sony camera- or I used my old iPhone- and I just started posting on YouTube! It wasn’t a career at the time, but when I was a Sophomore in high school, that’s when it became the lucrative job it is today.

Yasmin: For me, when my sister got started I was in high school, graduating and looking at colleges. I went the traditional route and got my degree, getting started in my field. I then realized that this was not for me and that I didn’t really enjoy it. I feel like the stars aligned at that time because my sister started the vlog channel and sponsorships came about. It had now become a career and I made a choice to take on the vlog channel. That’s when we decided to vlog together and moved to L.A. together.

We hear you’re launching your new podcast “What My Sis Said,” together. Tell us all about what we can expect when tuning in. 

Nazanin: As women, we naturally wear so many hats so we want to showcase that in our podcast as well. There is no topic that is off limits- whether that’s dating, marriage, career, or friendships- anything and everything is open for us to discuss. We’re excited to see what our followers request from us.

Yasmin: I feel like it’s a great sense of sisterhood. As women we go through so many things such as self-care, relationships, family life, etc. so it’s nice to have a feeling of sisterhood where you don’t feel so alone.

What kind of topics will you both be discussing on the podcast?

Nazanin: So far we filmed 3 episodes! Our first episode covers how we got started and how Yasmin and I came about as this duo. We’re also covering our biggest sister fight and spilling the tea! Plus, we’re diving into more controversial topics, as well, such as work I’ve gotten done.

Yasmin: Also with like, beauty, career, confidence, motherhood, singlehood, dating-hood- nothing is off limits!

What can people expect when checking out your social channels- what type of content do you both love sharing?

Yasmin: For me, I decided to move to Miami by myself a few years ago so I love sharing my city life! I’m more lifestyle but I also incorporate beauty and fashion on social media.

Nazanin: I got my foot in the door with beauty, but, naturally being a mom of 3, my content has shifted slightly towards motherhood. One thing I make sure to make a point of is that just because I’m a mom, doesn’t mean that’s all I am. I got a lot of messages from girls who love that I still have passions and hobbies. Women are multidimensional!

What’s next for you both?

Yasmin: Right now, the sky is the limit for us! We really want to see where this takes off. We talked about possibly touring with our podcast- also getting started in different businesses and expanding on our social media.

Nazanin: I feel like I took a bit of a backseat with having all my kids during the pandemic but I’m happy I have the life experience now. I’m ready to get back into the full swing of everything and dive back into my career. I’m ready to expand as just a social media user- I feel like I would be a great brand owner or I would love to start a charity. I’m also working on an exciting project on my own. I’m so excited for what the future holds!

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