Toronto Men’s Fashion Week was home to Kollar Clothing‘s Spring/Summer 2018 Runway Show.

David Kollar set out on his venture to design streetwear apparel on a level of international distribution when he attended the 2013 Las Vegas Liberty Fashion and Lifestyle Fair. His vision of crafting pieces that find a way to meld practicality with fluidity, detail and distress would now be available in places carefully selected by David and his team. This was to ensure that the brand was to be represented alongside others who maintain a rich lifestyle element in all they create.


– HOLR’s Brand Manager @PaigeMcphee heads backstage to discuss the visions and inspirations behind the show, plus exclusive runway looks shot by @JoshDavies. – 

P: The video intro!  The show opened with two widely different shots, the lifestyle video which was fun and showcased a lot of well dressed people in cool places that truly embody Toronto. Then the more serious visual lookbook. The images had a war-type feel with the bomb sounds, plane and ocean imagery. Do these visuals coincide with the collection?

D: It does. When we first showed the lifestyle video, we wanted people to appreciate Kollar not just for the clothing, but also what we’re trying to build in the city. The trailer was our new collection. The music and models had a really badass vibe because that’s the way we felt creating this collection. The visuals of the bombs were to create that impact, to really get people on the edge of their seats. The images when he’s drowning, trying to find air? The collection’s very oversized. If you look at the models walking, we pulled a lot of the jackets off the shoulder, so it’s all about finding space and air. The collection’s really loose and airy, the slightest bit baggy.

P: Very cool! Have you always gravitated towards ready-to-wear/street wear?

D: Yeah, it’s always been something I like. If we had more time, we’d probably try something more editorial, runway style, which we’re interested in – we just haven’t had the time yet. We’d like to try it out one day.

P: What inspired this collection?

D: I’ve been travelling a ton this year so the clothes really represent that. I’ve been inspired by Hong Kong, L.A., Vegas, and the people there too.

P: If there are one or two pieces from this collection you think everyone should have in their closet, what would they be?

D: That’s a good question. For me, I’m really simple. For sure you need a nice, oversized concave tee which is on the website. Blown out knee denim and a nice boot. Nice and clean.

P: Who do you think the Kollar guy is?

D: Someone that’s bold, someone that doesn’t want to be too flashy, but prefers subtle details. Someone who’s confident, maybe an entrepreneur. Someone who wants to be out in the world and look good

P: Those little details with the metal hardware on the pants and jackets were a great addition.

D: Yeah, I’m pretty obsessed with metals and chains this season.

P: Is there one person you’d love to dress, your dream fit?

D: Probably A$AP Rocky.


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