It’s true that celebrities have really enviable homes and that every one of us peeks inside them every once in a while. From the never-ending walk-in closets to the restaurant-style kitchens. They have extravagant pools and beautiful well-furnished lounges. Before thinking that having a home like that is impossible you should consider your options because it’s not that hard to obtain that extravagance. All you need are ideas and a budget. 

Celebrities like to add certain bling to their home. So many A-list celebrities have taken notice of so many trends that are being followed around the world. When they design their homes they don’t want it to look like they came out of a magazine. They have unique ideas and think out of the box and that is what you should do as well. Invest in unique furniture and chandeliers that you can grab from any home antique store or local home depot. Black and white peel and stick wallpaper will grab the attention of your friends and it might be an inspiration for them to decorate their space. 

Revamp your kitchen 

The kitchen is widely known as the heart of the home, in order to renovate a kitchen a large sum of money is required. While people spend fortunes on bedrooms and bathrooms, if you just create a beautiful kitchen it might be the center of attraction for anyone who steps into it. There are a few tips that you need to make your kitchen look like a celebrity.


  • Keep a rustic charm: As much as big kitchens are preferred they are not really necessary. Many celebrities have small kitchens but they are fully equipped and functional. Your kitchen space should have enough space to entertain your guests. Dark-colored knobs go very well with white cabinets also when the kitchen is illuminated by natural lighting. White slabs and marble tops go great together. It can look beautiful if you know how to work your way through the cleaning process. 
  • Medieval Style kitchen: You might have a Scottish lover buried deep down inside you, don’t worry I have the perfect inspiration for you. Many celebrities have a medieval-style kitchen in their homes that looks like a replica of a medieval castle. The only hustle is how to achieve it, that’s not pretty hard too. All you need is wooden furniture keeping in mind that you need to follow a dark theme and instead of white walls you can use a nice rustic kitchen wallpaper that might not be that hard to find. 
  • Everything Marble: Using marble all around homes has been the latest trend that everyone is following and it is definitely worth it. Many celebrities have kitchens with marble from countertops to shelves. It is a very minimalistic trend but it looks beautiful and elegant. It’s not even that hard to achieve all you need is to get your hands on the right kind of marble. To fit with those white minimalistic french doors would look beautiful. An antique cabinet made out of steel and glass would be a cherry on top. These are the few ways you can make your kitchen look like it was out of a celebrity home.

Published on Holr Magazine