Hot Vax Summer is the cultural term coined for this summer to describe getting back out there after more than a year of being locked inside due to the pandemic. It’s essentially the idea that people are ready to get back into dating or back into exploring intimacy.

Canadians are getting ready to date IRL after a year in lockdown and are faced with addressing their
stigmatized health concerns.This interactive discussion will explore the implications for everything from
treating erectile dysfunction to acne treatments and accessing birth control.

Some of these people are now having to face health concerns that they haven’t had to think about in over a year, like birth control or erectile dysfunction and our platform helps these individuals get care in a way that better suits their lifestyle.

Let’s start with What is Felix health? What does it offer? 

Felix is a digital healthcare provider that makes it easier for Canadians to get online diagnoses, prescriptions and delivery of medications for common lifestyle health issues like birth control, erectile dysfunction, acne and hair loss, along with mental health conditions and more!


What fears do you see emerging with “Hot Vax Summer”?

We wouldn’t necessarily call it “fears.” People are eager to get back out and build connections with others, explore their sexuality and rebuild confidence that might have been lost over time. Medically speaking, there are treatments available for some of folks’ concerns leading into this “Hot Vax Summer.” It can be anything from lacking confidence due to acne or hair loss, or perhaps there’s a health concern related to sexual health and needing birth control or treatment for existing conditions, such as erectile dysfunction. 

At Felix, we want everyone embracing the idea of Hot Vax Summer to know that Felix is a safe and discreet platform that will help you get care on your own terms.



What stigmas/ stigmatized health concerns is Felix de-bunking/breaking down?

Since our inception, we’ve focused mostly on non acute and often stigmatized health concerns like birth control, erectile dysfunction and acne as mentioned above. Recently we have expanded our services along that track with the launch of cold sores, herpes and mental health. By providing a safe space for online prescriptions and delivery, our platform looks to remove the barriers that prevent people from seeking care in the first place. Sometimes these can be feelings of embarrassment or simply just avoidance due to inconvenience or lack of information. 



What can people do beyond getting vaccinated to get ready for “Hot Vax Summer” 

I think as we all start getting back to more immersive social environments like dating, being proactive about your sexual health, skin health, and mental health will naturally become even more top of mind. For some health concerns, being proactive could mean having your medication on hand when you need it. For example, with cold sores, it’s imperative to treat them at the first sign. Or, for medications like birth control, a consistent schedule is crucial, so running out of refills and having to wait for a doctor’s appointment could throw a wrench in your plans. That’s where we come in with auto-refills and help make things a little easier for people to manage.

Felix hopes to provide an option for people to take control of these issues so they can spend more time catching up for lost time and less time in clinic wait rooms or pharmacy lines. 



How do people sign up for Felix Health?

You can start an online visit anytime at with no appointments necessary. Our quizzes typically take less than 15 minutes which include review by a doctor within 24 hours, secure messaging and free 2-day delivery if the doctor determines a prescription is appropriate. 


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