Relationships can be hard to navigate and complex because there are so many different variables that can connect two people, but there are also elements that can cause a rift to form between the couple. There are a lot of important factors in a healthy relationship like communication, attraction, compatibility, and more. 

In a lot of situations, advice and information can help to strengthen a bond or improve a relationship. If there is a relationships issue that you are struggling with, you may find BetterHelp to be a beneficial resource because they have expert advice and a range of articles on a variety of related topics.

While it is never a good idea to forego relationship knowledge and self-improvement, there are also supplements known as adaptogens that are becoming more and more popular for a plethora of uses. Some of the purported benefits of adaptogens may help you to improve your relationships, love, and more. But what exactly is an adaptogen?

Adaptogens in Herbal Medicine

The term “adaptogen” in herbal medicine refers to a natural substance that helps the body adapt to stress and other outside influences. They also normalize the bodily process and promote healthy homeostasis. 

In turn, the body and mind can raise the level of resilience to stress, both physical and psychological. Some adaptogens also offer other effects. Some have anti-aging properties while others have features that can help with cognitive function. 

While adaptogens have been used for centuries in Ayurveda medicinal practices, a lot of them are now used as supplements in the west or added to smoothies, tea, or other wellness products. 

Since many different compounds are referred to as adaptogens, there are tons of different effects attributed to them. Some of the herbs and substances have a substantial amount of research backing the supposed benefits, while others are not well studied or do not have evidence to support claims.

Benefits often attributed to adaptogens include better focus, increased endurance, lower stress, reduced fatigue, improved cognition, higher productivity, higher immunity, and increased stamina. 

How Do Adaptogens Help with Love and Relationships?

Research shows that there are a variety of benefits to adaptogens regarding energy, fatigue, and performance. A combination of some of the benefits of adaptogens may help you improve your relationship for several reasons. 

First, the amount of stress a couple feels can damage the connection and make it harder to enjoy being together. Many apoptogenic substances, like Ashwagandha, could help with chronic stress and help you limit the impact that stress can have on you and your relationship. In turn, lower stress levels may contribute to better communication and higher levels of optimism. This can boost the bond that you feel with the person that you love.

Some adaptogens may help to bring more passion into the bedroom as well. Several, including Maca, may help to improve energy and sex drive while others, like cordyceps or licorice, may increase stamina and endurance. These benefits could help you bring the magic back into your intimacy. 

You may also find that some help you focus and may even contribute to a better mood. Rhodiola Rosea and Bacopa Monnieri are two adaptogens often attributed to better cognition and mood. Finally, some can help to balance hormone levels and promote healthy cortisol levels that may help to bring balance to mood and anxiety. 

Deciding On Adaptogens

It is important to remember that many Adaptogenic compounds have very little research backing up the claims, but users often tout the amazing benefits they experience with the use of some adaptogen supplements. Before deciding, it is important to make sure that it would be safe to try and become knowledgeable about potential side effects. 

If you are on any other medications or have any health issues, then it may be better to avoid these types of supplements. If you are considering adaptogens to help with your love life, then you should speak with your doctor to make sure that it is okay for you to try the natural remedy. 


While love and relationships require effort, communication, honesty, and many other factors, some of the benefits of adaptogens could make it easier for you to eliminate or improve upon certain problems like low energy, poor mood, or high-stress levels. Just make sure that it is safe to try and be aware of any potential problems, adverse reactions, and proposed benefits.