So you’ve decided it’s time to buy a new mattress, but you can’t remember what size bed you have. When it comes to bed frames, the most common sizes are twin, full, queen and king. But there are many other sizes in between.


This can make buying the right mattress size more tricky, as when you’re shopping around you’ll also come across sizes like California king, split king and twin XL. So it’s understandable if you feel overwhelmed by the choice.

But you don’t have to get in a tangle with your tape measure. We’ve written this comprehensive mattress guide to help make the mattress buying process a whole lot easier.

How do I pick the right mattress size for me?

Picking the right mattress all comes down to what size bed frame you have — which could be anything from a twin to an Alaskan king, but there are different mattress sizes for RVs and cribs too. When picking the right size bed frame, you need to consider things like how big the room is, what size you are and whether you share your bed with someone else.

We’ve all heard the terms twin, queen, and king when it comes to mattress sizes, but many will be unsure exactly how big these sizes actually are. If you’re shopping online or working with a limited amount of space, then having a clear idea of what each mattress size is, is essential. From the tiniest crib mattress to a luxurious California King, there really is a wealth of choice out there. Luckily we’ve put together a comprehensive list of all the mattress sizes available for you to choose from, as well as a helpful guide on how to choose the right size bed for you.

Read on to find out the dimensions of the different mattress sizes and what else you need to think about when buying a new bed.


What are the different mattress sizes?

Twin mattress

Measuring 38 inches by 75 inches, the twin mattress is the smallest standard mattress size, and it’s usually the cheapest option.

It’s best for children or teenagers, but is also ideal for single adults who live in a small space.

A twin mattress is also called a “single”, and most bunkbeds use twin size mattresses.

Twin XL mattress

The twin XL is 38 inches by 80 inches, meaning it’s a better option than a twin for taller children and teenagers, or single adults who want extra length.

This size mattress is often found in college room dorms, so finding bedding to fit is easiest during back-to-school season.

Full mattress

Also known as a “double mattress”, the full mattress is 54 inches by 75 inches.

Two average-size adults can fit on a full mattress but it’s better suited to a single adult who wants to spread out on a bigger bed, or a single parent who shares with a small child.

Full XL mattress

This is also known as a “double mattress” but is slightly longer than the full mattress, at 54 inches by 80 inches.

As with the twin mattress, finding bedding to fit can be more difficult, but it’s the perfect size for single adults who require more length, or those who share with a pet or a child.

Queen mattress

A queen mattress measures 60 inches by 80 inches and is ideal for couples under six foot, five inches. It’s also a popular choice for spare bedrooms.

Split queen mattress

This is made up of two half mattresses, each measuring 30 inches by 80 inches.

It’s designed so that couples can customize each side of the bed according to their individual preferences.

Olympic queen mattress

Wider than a standard queen mattress, the olympic measures 66 inches by 80 inches.

This means it’s a good choice for couples who want extra room but don’t have the budget or space for a king mattress.

California queen mattress

The California queen is narrower than the olympic queen, but longer. It measures 60 inches by 84 inches and is great for taller couples whose bedroom isn’t wide enough for a California king.

California king mattress

At 72 inches by 84 inches, the California king is one of the longest standard mattresses you can buy, however it’s four inches narrower than a king mattress.

Again, it’s ideal for tall people or those who aren’t particularly tall, but like to sprawl out while they’re sleeping. It’s also a good option if your pet sleeps at the end of your bed or you have a long, rectangular bedroom.

King mattress

The king mattress measures 76 inches by 80 inches, so it’s one of the most comfortable options for couples or those who share with children or pets.

While it may be shorter than the California king, it’s still long enough for taller people, but if you’re on a budget, remember that it’s usually a case of the bigger the mattress, the higher the cost.

Split king mattress

Like the split queen, this mattress suits who couples who have differing views on what makes a mattress comfortable.

Each mattress is 38 inches by 80 inches, and as well as having different degrees of firmness, sleepers won’t be disturbed by motion transfer disturbance.

Wyoming king mattress

Even bigger than the king and California king, the Wyoming king is a square bed, which measures 84 inches by 84 inches.

Texas king mattress

At 80 inches by 98 inches, the Texas king is best suited to bedrooms that are narrow and long.

Alaskan king mattress

The largest oversized bed on the market is the Alaskan king, measuring 108 inches by 108 inches.


What is the most popular mattress size?

Since the queen size mattress comfortably sleeps two people and fits most room sizes, it’s the most popular mattress size in North America. It’s also more affordable than a king mattress.

What if I need a mattress for my baby?

In North America, there are specific crib requirements to maximise baby safety, and further safety standards are expected to be implemented this year. These state that a crib must be 51.6 to 53 inches long and 27.25 to 28 inches wide, so your baby’s mattress needs to reflect this.

What if I need a mattress for my RV?

RVs come in all shapes and sizes, so it’s vital you measure the dimensions carefully. RV mattresses come in different sizes compared to regular mattresses, so you’ll need to shop around for something specific for your vehicle.

Standard sizes include RV bunk, RV full, RV short queen, RV queen, RV king and RV CA King, but if you can’t find the right size for your RV, you could opt for a made to measure mattress.

How do I pick the right size bed?

If you’ve decided you want a new bed altogether, it’s essential you choose the right size for you.

There are a few things to consider when deciding which size to get. To help you make the right decision, here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • How big is the room?
  • What size am I?
  • How many people are sleeping on the mattress?
  • What’s your sleeping position?
  • What can I afford?

So there you have it, a rundown of the mattress sizes out there for you to choose from. Now you know the names of all the mattress sizes and exactly how big they are, you can search for the appropriate mattress and know whether it will fit your bed frame and room. Choosing the right mattress size can seem daunting given the wealth of choice, but with this handy guide, shopping for a mattress will be so much easier.

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