Becoming a real estate agent in 2021 is a great idea. There are many reasons to do this, including the high salary and free time. The housing market is stable, and there are many more buyers than sellers.


There are many different aspects to take into consideration when deciding whether or not to enter the real estate industry, including the market, your budget, and your level of experience. You also want to make sure you have enough time for this new career venture.


Taking these factors into consideration, read on to find out if real estate is the right industry for you.

What are the traits of a good real estate agent?

Adaptability and interest in new technologies

Keeping up with the latest real estate and local market topics will help you better serve consumers. Continuing education and professional development are ways to expand your company’s prospects and stay ahead of the real estate industry.


Property purchase, sale, renting, or leasing is a time-consuming procedure due to the amount of effort involved. The best real estate tools make this process easier by automating the hassle of filling out many forms on a regular basis. CRM tools for real estate agents will also help keep track of your clients, and streamline many of the processes for you.


Some of the most popular CRM tools for real estate agents include:

  • Propertybase
  • Contactually
  • LionDesk


And others you can check out in the link above.

Ability to think on your feet

Do you enjoy finding novel solutions to issues or difficulties? Many successful real estate entrepreneurs understand how to show a property successfully in order to make it attractive, as well as how to create unique MLS listings in order to attract the right buyers.

Self-motivated with a ‘can do’ attitude

Top real estate agents all have the desire to control your own business destiny and become your own boss. Property success necessitates a high level of self-motivation, determination, and sound decision-making.


A strong work ethic is required of a real estate agent. To succeed, you must be tenacious in following every step and have a strong desire to aggressively market to your consumers.


This isn’t just about time spent; it’s about working wisely, spending time, and doing all necessary to close the deal. It is a matter of placing everything in its proper position.

Strategies used by successful real estate agents

Keeping an eye out for wholesale properties

Investing in real estate and investing in the stock market has at least one thing in common: you’re always looking for the best deal. Obviously, a discerning stock market investor wouldn’t buy stocks while their prices are high if he is planning on holding them for a while.


The same principle applies to real estate investing.  Try not paying the full price when buying properties. Look for wholesale properties whose prices come with insane discounts.


Of course, they will absolutely need some work.  Do the math and see if your investment in rehab is worth the final selling price.

Knowing how to use alternative financing

Financing a lease might occasionally be difficult for a new property investor, but these two practices should make the situation easier:


  • You should have strong credit before attempting to finance a rental property.
  • Examine the many funding options, both traditional and non-traditional.


When it comes to financing for real estate investment, conventional bank loans should be the most common option. Alternative routes, such as hard-money lending, ownership finance, and property syndications are available.


It’s recommended that you take advantage of these methods, so that you don’t lose out on real estate investing opportunities due to a lack of financing.

Doing your homework and trusting your gut

In many cases, your financial advisors may tell you to avoid any real estate property in your portfolio. They usually make the same old arguments about how difficult it is to turn real estate into cash through liquidation or how much property care is required.


These may be valid reasons based on your own circumstances, but they are not the reason you want to avoid property.


Stockbrokers are not compensated for their investments in real estate. There is no item, no commissions, and no connection to them. They don’t have anything to do. Unless you opt to purchase an extremely costly, non-traded REIT, you will know your true motive.


You must perform your own research to determine whether the potential cash flow from the property is acceptable for you.