How Much Money Did Alex Murdaugh Steal From Clients?

Alex Murdaugh was found guilty tonight of murdering his wife Margaret and son Paul Murdaugh after he fatally shot them on June 7th, 2021. The shootings took place inside of the kennels on their estate. A video taken by Paul Murdaugh on the evening of the killing was one of the pieces of evidence that may have led to Alex Murdaughs guilty verdict. Prosecutors believe that Alex Murdaugh stole over $2.8 million from his families law firm. The law firm has since paid everyone back that was affected by his theft.

How much money did Alex Murdaugh steal from clients

Paul Murdaugh Cell Phone Video

On the night Margaret Murdaugh and Paul Murdaugh were murdered, Paul took a Snapchat video at the dog kennels where his body would later be found. It is this video that was used as a piece of evidence to prove Alex Murdaughs guilt as his voice could be heard in the background of the video. Another video taken by Paul earlier in the night showed Alex Murdaugh wearing different clothing to what he was wearing when police arrived later that evening after the murders took place. According to a housekeeper, she never saw the clothes that he was wearing in the video again. Watch both videos below.


Buster Murdaugh Testimony

On February 21st, Alex Murdaughs’ son Buster Murdaugh took the stand to defend his father. Buster locked eyes with his dad before he began to speak. He held back tears as he recounted the night that Alex called him to tell him that his mom and older brother had been murdered. During the testimony, Buster said that his dad “asked if I was sitting down…he sounded odd and he told me that my mom and my brother had been shot.” Buster also added that his dad was very distraught and unable to speak.

Alex Murdaugh Sentencing

Alex Murdaugh is facing a minimum of thirty years in prison and he will be sentenced tomorrow morning.