The biggest muscle we can strengthen right now is one of trust. Trust in both the known and the unknown.  The only thing that is constant is change, and when things on both the inside and the outside look different, there will always be points of familiarity acting as touchstones along the way. Whether these are in your thought or your surroundings, by focusing on something that makes a positive contribution in your life, you will expand your ability to find comfort in the unfamiliar. Check-in with yourself daily and remember that destiny is on your side, so if you choose to see the crack of light in everything, that crack of light will soon become a whole world of it. Process your pain to move the emotion through the body, but let go of the story attached to it. It may be old, it may be new, but its just energy passing through. You are safe, you are held, and you are supported by so much beauty. Focus on your inhales and your exhales and let what needs to clear, clear.

Mantra – I let go of attachment and in trust in the unknown