Burnout is on the rise amongst Canadians, even as we begin a hybrid work model. So, how can digital tools drive productivity, innovation and collaboration? One Canadian company is showing how to successfully address corporate burnout while driving innovation in the tech space.

Did you know that Canada had one of the highest daily stress levels of any other country during the COVID-19 pandemic, according to a recent State of the Workplace report by Gallup? This is because the overall shock and hesitation of the future, as a result of the pandemic, combined with working from home stress, caused 41 per cent of workers to experience stress throughout the day.

This rise in daily stress can put workers at an increased risk of burning out, which can be damaging to one’s mental health state. Workplace burnout is a real thing and it can be difficult to recognize without access to the proper tools. Sprout Wellness Solutions is a health technology company that is here to help combat the stress of the workplace environment with its corporate wellness tool, Sprout At Work, which  encourages organizations to embrace wellness by improving the health and happiness of every user. This ultimately promotes workplace equitability for everyone to be able to put his or her mental health first.

“Employees have endured a work rollercoaster over the past 18 months and today are more stressed and less engaged in their workplace than ever before.  86% of high-potential employees are feeling burnt out and they are twice as likely to leave compared to their peers which is a scary thought for employers globally,” says Brea Giffin, Director of Partnerships at Sprout Wellness.  “With the addition of today’s new remote and hybrid working models, employers need to ensure they are serving their entire population and not simply checking the “wellness box.” This means delivering a holistic digital wellness solution that can be accessed from anywhere to provide every employee with the proper physical, nutritional, mental, and financial wellness offerings.”

Sprout At Work was designed to do just that, using cognitive behavioural science, game theory and behaviour economics to identify, motivate and reward healthy behaviours, empowering users to embrace their own wellbeing and improve their overall happiness and health regardless of where they are in their journey.

As we transition into a new era of work that requires both virtual and in-person interaction, we must adapt how we tackle overall health and wellness in the workplace now more than ever. Now that a hybrid work model is here to stay, it is important to understand how access to digital wellness solutions drives change by utilizing leading tech innovations to measure and reward healthy behaviour. Digital workplace health solutions like Sprout at Work can be used as a central hub for employees and are ideal for inspiring collaboration among co-workers, especially in a new hybrid-working world.

The long-term consequences for employers not investing in digital wellbeing programs that adapt to the new workplace have yet to be seen, but employers should be on the lookout for burnout, increased healthcare costs, and decreased productivity. Staggering results have demonstrated that employee stress costs employers in Canada more than $3.5 billion on an annual basis. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, companies that support overall workplace health have a greater percentage of employees showing up to work every day, improving company efficiency.

Understanding the need to embrace and revolutionize innovation in the health tech space, Sprout took learnings from its original corporate wellness tool, Sprout at Work, and used the research and data to offer health and wellness rewards to the masses by launching its newest program, the Sprout  Open Health API™ (Application Programming Interface). The drive behind the product was to  help empower global consumer brands with access to advanced customer health data to improve overall customer loyalty, fast-track user engagement, and deliver personalized insights to customers to help better suit their lifestyle. As a brand dedicated to making advancements in the health and wellness space, the Open Health API  gives all industries the power to  improve overall productivity in the workplace and inspire their customers to live healthier lives. For the consumer, that means better, more personalized rewards and incentives. 

With the launch of Sprout Open Health API, the brand – and this tool, specifically, – is driving innovation in the health tech space as a result of its ability to be able to evaluate and measure health behaviours in consumers, identify burnout symptoms, and provide personalized feedback, rewards and incentives in one central hub to drive lasting change. This is a transformative tool that will provide engaging opportunities and give users a more enriched experience overall, thanks to personalized practices and its science-backed proprietary Sprout Health Engine,® designed to maintain brand loyalty.

For more information on Sprout Wellness Solutions, check out the website sproutatwork.com for all of the details on how to integrate the Sprout method into your daily work environment.