Check out our favourite health and wellness gifts to shop for the holidays!

Calling all health and wellness lovers- we’ve rounded up the top must-have gifts to shop this season. From health-priority gifts to self-care gifts, the following gift guide has it all, and will help take the stress out of your holiday shopping!

berry lip balm

Flexitol Lip Balm


Now available for $5.49 in new mint and berry flavours – this moisturizing lip balm formulated with cacao butter and clove oil is sure to quickly become your go-to lip product! Perfect for even those with the most sensitive skin, all Flexitol products are made to be gentle on your skin and don’t cause any irritation. 

inagene kit

Inagene Diagnostics- Inagene Personalized Insights Test                       

Starting at $299

Prioritize the health of those you love this holiday season with an Inagene Pharmacogenetics Test kit. A quick cheek swab test reveals which drugs (ex. for depression, anxiety, pain, high blood pressure, and more) will work best, with the least side effects based on your DNA. Skip medication “trial-and-error” and feel better sooner. Order a test kit today and use code HOLR30 to get 30$ off.

microfibre hair towel

JUS by Oreya – Microfibre Towel 


Looking to create the perfect at-home self-care night? Self-care helps promote overall health and wellness and the JUS Microfibre Towel by JUS by Oreya is the perfect self-care night essential. This is a must-have for your strong, healthy hair and especially during the colder weather that typically brings with it the dry hair season. Not only does it absorb water quickly, but it’s perfect for all hair types and helps combat frizz, breakage, and flyaways. Remember- health and wellness includes hair health too!

heated throw blanket

Giant Tiger – Heated Throw            


Giant Tiger is a one-stop shop for all your holiday needs at everyday low prices, and this heated throw is the perfect gift to help promote overall health and wellness. Did you know that heated blankets and throws have a calming effect and can help promote blood flow, thereby increasing the amount of oxygen and nutrients carried throughout the body? Time to treat yourself- or someone you love!- to an extra special and cozy gift they will love to relax in all season long. 

smart response serum

Dermalogica – Smart Response Serum                  


Take your health and wellness routine to the next level by showing your skin some love. It’s all about skin health this holiday season. Dermalogica’s Smart response technology stops skin damage before it starts because the brand’s Smart Response Serum uses smart actives which, when triggered, hydrate, brighten, soothe, and address the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles in response to your skin’s changing needs. This is a definite must-add to your skincare routine and is perfect for any at-home personal wellness routine.

silk pillowcase

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SLIP – Silk Pillowcase


A good night’s sleep is at the core of any health and wellness routine and what better way to get a dreamy sleep than to rest on a silk pillowcase? The SLIP Silk Pillowcase is perfect for promoting overall wellness and hair health because it is anti-sleep-crease and anti-bedhead- ensuring the ultimate beauty sleep. 

stress release from saje

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Saje – Stress Release Relaxation Kit            


Saje Stress Release Relaxation Kit is the ultimate health and wellness must-have. Not only is it perfect for toting on the go but it’s ideal for helping relieve tension anytime, anywhere. This kit includes Stress Release Remedy (6 ml), Stress Release Inhaler (1.6 ml), and Relax-O-Ring.

moon juice collagen protect vegan creamer

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Moon Juice – Collagen Protect               

$28.80 (subscription), $32 (one-time purchase)

Hydrate your skin from the inside out with the perfect health and wellness gift- Moon Juice Collagen Protect. This vegan creamer and skin supplement helps protect and preserve your skin’s natural collagen and is designed to minimize fine lines. 

insulated pink water bottle

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SSENSE – LARQ Insulated Self-Cleaning Bottle                


Ensuring you get enough water on a daily basis is the key to practicing proper health and wellness. This self-cleaning double-walled BPA-free stainless steel water bottle features a water purification system, includes a micro-USB connector, and comes with a rechargeable lithium-polymer battery.

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