Every bride-to-be is determined to look their best on their wedding day, and the choice of hairstyle plays a big part in that wedding look. So, hair length and volume or a lack of it should not be hinderances to achieving the perfect wedding day. 

One of the best hacks in creating glamorous hairstyles with any type of wedding hair, is choosing the best wedding hair extensions. If you don’t know how, we’re here to show you. Create the most stunning hairstyles with the best choice of hair extensions for updos, waves, plaits and any look you might have in mind. 

Things to Consider When Choosing Hair Extensions for A Wedding

1. Hair Type

Hair type is top on the list of things to consider when choosing hair extensions. Since everyone has a different hair type, it is important to understand that the best hair extension for a wedding is the one that matches your hair type. Curly type 3C extensions for hair of a similar texture, thin and straight extensions for pin straight hair, and so on. 

2. Hair Color

When picking wedding hair extensions, it is also vital that you choose extensions in the same hair color as yours, or at least in your desired color if your hair will be dyed. The great thing about hair color is that even if you get the hue a little bit wrong, it can be dyed to the correct color before use. 

3. Desired Volume and Length

Remember to check that you get extensions in the right length and volume that you need. With custom made clip ins, you can easily order hair in the width and number of wefts that you desire for your hairstyle. 

Types of Hair Extensions for Weddings

In further helping you make an informed choice, here are different types of bridal hair extensions to suit a variety of hairstyles. 

Permanent Hair Extensions 

There are lots of wedding hairstyles that can be achieved with extensions. However, you might want more than just perfect wedding hair. For extensions that would last long after your wedding, you should consider using permanent hair extensions. These are usually taped, glued or sewn into the hair and can last for 5 to 8 weeks. 

Pros: Your hair can be transformed in a matter of hours; from short to long, or thin to voluminous with little stress. Also, being long lasting means you wouldn’t have to worry about your hair after the wedding and can go on to enjoy your honeymoon. 

Cons: Permanent hair extensions often require more maintenance than others. There is also the risk of hair damage, especially to weak or thinning hair. 

Updo Hair Extensions 

Sometimes updos require voluminous hair, and if you aren’t particularly blessed in this area, you might be looking for the best thick hair extensions. Luckily, simple clip-in buns or ponytails would work for many such hairstyles and are available in a variety of textures. 

Pros: They are very simple to clip in and use. They are also undetectable and blend seamlessly with the hair as long as you get the right color and hair type. 

Cons: These extensions can feel heavy on the head if worn for long, so you might want to consider a bun instead of a lengthy ponytail. They also won’t work for extra short hair lengths as they need to be clipped on existing hair. 

Halo Hair Extensions 

Some of the most top-rated hair extensions come in the half-circle halo style and can be completely undetectable when used correctly. The extensions come with a translucent cord and hair clips that are used to fasten them to the head underneath already existing hair to increase the length and fullness. 

Pros: Needing no gluing or sewing makes this particularly easy to use. It’s also very natural looking, blending seamlessly with real hair if chosen carefully. 

Cons: Halo hair extensions are better for hairstyles where the hair is let down and are not recommended for updos. 

Clip-In Hair Extensions 

Clip-ins are other types of extensions for weddings that are very easy to use. Each lock comes with simple clips that can be clipped easily to the hair to add volume or increase length. 

Pros: With the clips already attached to the hair extensions, these are easy to use and can be customized however you like even when styling DIY. This is also an affordable option for brides on a budget. 

Cons: Clips can cause hair damage or breakage for weak or thinning hair if they are removed incorrectly after usage. 

Get the wedding hairstyle of your dreams, and learn how to choose the best hair extensions for your wedding and even the weeks after. With the right guidance, you can choose from the best hair extension brands, no matter your hair length, texture, or desired hairstyle. 

Author: Kate Motina

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