Minimalist design is a popular trend in interior and exterior design. It’s about stripping away anything that isn’t necessary, which means minimalist bathrooms are just as chic as a minimalist living room. But minimalism doesn’t mean being without style.

Creating a minimal bathroom can be quite simple. However, the hardest part might be avoiding buying too many things at the store because they are cute. Creating a bathroom design with minimalism in mind means that you are creating spaces that are beautiful and functional at the same time.

Here are some tips for you to get started creating your minimalist bathroom:

Minimalism made simple

Declutter Your Bathroom First:

Before you start decorating your minimalist bathroom you also need to remember that an important interior design tip is to have less clutter. The more clutter you have, the harder time you’ll have to achieve a minimalist bathroom design. It’s extremely important to declutter the space before you get started.

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Simplifying Your Bathroom Is An Essential Part Of The Process:

Go through all of your products and all of your current bathroom decor and get rid of the things that are broken, no longer work, aren’t useful anymore, or that you don’t use. If you’re having a difficult time letting go of certain items, think of someone who you know that would love them. Or even consider donating them! Create minimalist storage solutions by finding ways to put important things away while still leaving plenty of space open on all surfaces.


Avoid Clutter When Putting Things Away In Bathroom Cupboards and Drawers:

You’ll want to avoid clutter at all costs as this will only serve to make your minimalist home seem less luxurious than it is. After you declutter, it’s important to create minimalist bathroom storage solutions that will help cover up the products that you decided to keep. For example, you can store your hair products in a magazine rack under the sink so that when you open the cupboard, you see a nice clean magazine rack, not a ton of hair products.

Keep it Clean:

Resist the urge to throw towels or clothes on the floor. Cleanliness is key. And, apart from not throwing towels on the floor – take a minute out of your day to quickly wipe down surfaces and your toilet. It’ll give your bathroom that extra-clean, fresh feel

And, if you want to go the extra mile…


Go With An All-White Color Scheme:

If you can, why not paint your walls a creamy ivory shade and throw up a white or sheer shower curtain? After all, there’s nothing like pristine white surfaces to really complete the minimalist design you’re after.

For some interior minimalist bathroom inspiration, check out practical perfectionists.

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