There is something unique and iconic about the white T-shirt. It has a timeless appeal from a fashion perspective, and when you are wearing a clean, crisp, white T-shirt it often makes you look and feel really good. Why is that?

white crew neck t-shirt

You only have to look at the range of White Wordans T-shirts, for instance, to understand why this simple but effective garment manages to achieve such enduring appeal.

Here is a look at what it is we like so much about wearing a white T-shirt, what to look for when buying one, and how to wear one with style.

A must-have for your wardrobe

There are a handful of items that can be considered essential for your wardrobe. A classic white T-shirt is one of them.

White is a simple but attractive color that has the ability to make you look good with minimal effort, especially when you are wearing a stylish T-shirt.

Another big plus point is that a white T-shirt tends to be a perfect match for just about anything else you decide to wear with it. White is a color that blends and compliments a variety of shades. Put on a pair of chinos or jeans, for example, and your white T-shirt will complete that simple but stylish look in an instant.

Decide how you will use your T-shirt

In order to get the best use out of a T-shirt you will need to understand its primary uses and what you want from it when putting your wardrobe together.

It might be that you want to wear a T-shirt as an undershirt. Maybe you want a classic V-neck white T-shirt that you wear on the outside. You will want to have options. That’s why you should invest in several T-shirts that are just right for what you need them for.

You can’t really go wrong with a T-shirt that is made from 100% cotton. That will be comfortable to wear and breathable, which means it is going to feel great all the time you are wearing it.

Different style

Even though the classic white T-shirt can be classed as a fairly straightforward fashion option it is worth noting that you still have a number of styling options when adding to your wardrobe collection.

It is usually best to choose a V neck T-shirt if you are going to wear it underneath another item of clothing. That style works well because it usually means you won’t see your neckline beneath the collar. 

If you want to be able to see the T-shirt underneath your shirt, make sure you think about the neckline as well as the length and fit that works best for you.

How to wear your white T-shirt

There are a few things you need to think about if you want your white T-shirt to be a great fit and look amazing.

When you are choosing your T-shirt remember that it should always sit neatly against your shoulders at the base of your neck. You can tell that the fit is not right if your collarbone or pecs are visible. That means the T-shirt is too loose and you should try another size.

Check to make sure that the T-shirt is not too tightly fitting on your chest. It should not pull under your armpits and there should be enough room to breathe and give you some movement.

Pay particular attention to the length and width of the sleeves. The perfect fit is where it finishes at a halfway point between your elbow and armpit.

You will find that if the sleeves finish too close to the elbow it will have the effect of making your arms look shorter than they are.

The right T-shirt for your body shape

You will discover that if you are someone who is of shorter or wider stature the V-neck option will often look better on you than a crew neck. The reason for this is that the downward point in the design draws attention away from the fact that you have a shorter stature, for example.

If you are a person who is considered to be tall and slim, the reverse applies. You will find that a V-neck style might accentuate your tallness and even make you look skinnier than you are. A classic crew neck will suit your body shape and size better if you are tall and thin.

The best advice would be to experiment with either option and decide which works best, especially if you are someone who could be classed as in between these distinct body types.

Keep it simple

A fundamental reason why the white T-shirt works so well as a fashion statement is because of its simplicity and cleanness.

Your T-shirt should not have any logos, or have anything printed on it. The reason why the white T-shirt never goes out of fashion is down to how it is so clean and simple. Don’t be tempted to spoil that image. Only choose a plain and simple white T-shirt with nothing on it if you want to tick all of the right fashion and style boxes.

Using your white T-shirt to achieve the right look

Once you have managed to find a good quality white T-shirt that is perfect for you it’s time to put it to good use and wear it with style.

The classic jeans and white T-shirt is a timeless option. You might also want to add a modern twist by wearing a jacket over the top. This often sparks a lot of debate, but it is a look that you can pull off with the right choice and quality of garments to do it with.

A plain but classy navy jacket or blazer, for instance, will often go really well with your crisp, white T-shirt underneath.

However you choose to wear your white T-shirt, the main thing to remember is that this is a must-have item for your wardrobe. Make sure you choose a style and fit that is just right for you and it will reward you with a great look and feel every time you wear it.

Published by HOLR Magazine.