An interesting week in fashion news, we’ve got a couple new collections influenced by the worlds of music and luxury cars, another couple stylish displays from the Olympic Games, and some sexy celebrity fragrances to boot!

Image courtesy of Complex

New Collections

Wales Bonner’s latest collection debuted this week, a capsule that channels inspiration from celestial musician Laraaji who famously collaborated with Brian Eno on the album Ambient 3: Day of Radiance. This collection, though, draws more from Laraaji’s album Vision Songs Vol. 1 from 1984, hence the collection’s name “Vision Songs.” The London-based brand released a limited-run series of pure cotton jersey t-shirts, dyed by hand in soft reds, pinks, and oranges, with all proceeds going to the Care India Foundation.

Image courtesy of Ferrari

Luxury sports car brand Ferrari hit us earlier this June with their first ever clothing line. But designing cars is quite a bit different than designing clothes, so they teamed up with Rocco Iannone, whose design resume includes Dolce & Gabbana, Armani, and Pal Zileri – why wouldn’t the height of Italian luxury cars demand the height of Italian fashion? And after bringing a smash hit with the first installment of the collection, they’ve done it again, this time bringing the branding of their Marque to their clothing. With a nod to ‘50s and ‘60s design trends and the Ferrari Magazine of the time, the collection nonetheless has a modern, elevated street couture feel to it. Jeans blaze with yellow side-piping bearing the Ferrari name, and the red and yellow stallion logo is boldly featured on sweat-shirts and functional jackets. 

And lastly, speaking of runways, some of the most exciting fashion news this week is the announcement of the official schedule for New York Fashion Week, bringing in-person runways back in full to the big apple! With over 90 shows squeezed into a 5-day event, Fashion Week is going to definitely be one of the highlights of the Fall season this September. Check out our article here!

At the Games

We’re still not done talking about the fashion impact of the Olympics. But this time, instead of just ogling the opening ceremony fits, we’re taking a look at a couple important firsts.

To begin, Nike’s first ever performance face mask debuted with Team USA at the games, the perfect piece for athletes who need to stay safe without hindering their ability. The masks come with two strap options, either over-ear or around the head, and are designed for comfort and breathability and to be worn during workouts or other high-intensity activities. The high-tech futuristic design is actually constructed from layers of origami-folded mesh to allow maximum breathability while still offering slightly less protection than a regular N95.

Image courtesy of TransWorld SKATEboarding

Another first for the Olympics, skateboarding is being recognized as an Olympic sport this summer in Tokyo. So of course the uniforms for the skateboarding teams are absolute fire – the sport and culture surrounding it has developed its own subset of streetwear influenced by workwear, punk, and hip-hop styles and cultures all coming together in one. Another hit for Nike, the uniforms for USA, Japan, France and Brazil are a strong collection of cargo pants, short-sleeved collared shirts, and jerseys, all boldly printed, and all staples of skate style with references to the culture’s ‘90s hay day.

Celebrity Fragrances

Music and fashion queen Rihanna has announced that her label Fenty will launch a new fragrance line. With the Savage X Fenty line of lingerie from Rihanna dominating all things sexy, the new Fenty Parfum is certain to help you smell like a bad bitch while looking and feeling like one too. Even the social media tease on the 27th before the official announcement said that “something sensual, confident yet sexxy” was coming our way soon. We might have to ditch our umbrella-ella-ella to drench ourselves in this new scent.

And if that’s not sexy enough for you, then how about shirtless Adam Driver riding bareback on a horse? If that does it for you then you’ll be pleased with the direction Burberry is taking for their latest fragrance campaign. The ad is meant to tell a metaphorical story challenging the modern myths of masculinity, and of man entering the unknown to become something new.

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