Jewelry is an important part of any outfit and can instantly accentuate any ensemble. When buying jewelry, you should consider certain aspects and ‘secret’ tips to buy some of the best statement pieces available. Most individuals simply consider the price and type of jewelry they wish to buy; however, there is more to buying exotic or statement jewelry. 

Here are some lesser-known tips to buy new jewelry pieces that will complement your style. 

Know Your Gemstones

If you are looking for rings, bracelets, or a necklace to wear for everyday use, your gemstone or birthstone can be the right piece of jewelry for you. Step aside from the common emeralds, rubies, and sapphires. Not only are they expensive but also getting more and more common. Instead, pick semi-precious gems that represent your birthstone. For instance, consider tanzanite gemstones as an elegant and distinctive alternative. Tanzanite, a beautiful blue-violet gemstone, is a relatively recent discovery and is often associated with sophistication and uniqueness. They represent your authentic self and offer a unique look. Moreover, they will most likely fall within your budget. You can also opt for synthetic gemstones.  

Check Brand Loyalty

This is another way to buy authentic and unique jewelry. While the name stamp matters for some, you should also consider the craftsmanship details related to the piece you are buying. With this, you can save a lot of money and buy authentic jewelry without burning your pocket. 

Consider the Styling Aspect

Since there are a lot of jewelry styles to choose from, you should consider the styling aspect and know the type of jewelry or piece that complements your outfits. It also boils down to your preference and personal taste. While some people like to layer or stack multiple jewelry pieces to create a focal point around their jewelry, others prefer minimal or dainty pieces. Moreover, the jewelry you are buying should match the occasion as well. Do not stack heavy jewelry over busy prints as it can look gaudy. 

Take the type of fabric you are wearing into account; avoid wearing ornate jewelry over ruffled fabric or heavy stitches. Consider the face shape and type as well; your jewelry should comprehend your facial features. For example, women with a heart-shaped face should opt for tapered drop earrings as they accent their facial features. Similarly, triangular earrings complement oval-shaped faces. 

Find Rare Stones

Find and buy items that are rare as they often come across as statement pieces. For example, Moldavite is a rare stone that is extracted from a site with meteorite impact millions of years ago. The silica projectile rock is known for its beautiful forest green and turquoise shades and is used to make jewelry pieces. When buying Moldavite jewelry, consider certain aspects such as the brand’s authenticity certificate, designs, and price. Look for similar rare stones that can instantly enhance any jewelry piece.  

Buy a Complete Set

At times, buying a complete jewelry set can help you find pieces that can be used as statement pieces if used separately. Moreover, buying an entire set can help you define your style and complement your appearance. Most jewelry sets are made as ‘designed collections’ that are uncommon. If you have a limited budget, buy separate pieces that go well together. These can then be used as stacked jewelry as well. Once you have enough sets or a huge collection, reorganize them to know which ones to keep, redesign, and sell. 

silver diamond ring on pink textile

Find Pieces that Need to be Repaired 

Customers do not buy pieces that are broken and often sell jewelry that needs to be repaired or revamped. Look for such ornaments as they are sold at a much lower price. If you have an heirloom, consider getting it redesigned as a statement jewelry piece. You can easily find broken or damaged pieces at vintage stores or flea markets at affordable pieces. Even if you buy a fresh piece and you accidentally drop or damage it, get it repaired instead of selling it at a lower price. Some jewelry stores specialize in refinishing jewels and revamping broken pieces. 

Buy from Smaller Stores

Smaller or lesser-known jewelry stores put 100% effort into producing pieces to gain more recognition and credibility. With this, they can carve their own niche and get an edge over their competitors. Most independent designers and stores have their own styles that will help you achieve a distinct look. You are not only buying a statement piece but also buying the time of the jeweller. Moreover, you are also helping a small business run its home. 

Not only are these tips useful to buy unique pieces but also to get the best deal within your budget. Moreover, the pieces you buy will last longer and complement your style. If you are still not confident, take a second opinion from an expert or consult your local jeweller. 

Published by HOLR Magazine.