After months of cold, dry winter air followed by the harsh summer sun, my skin was in need of some TLC. Fortunately, as spas across Canada have reopened, I knew exactly where my first stop on my skin rejuvenation journey would lead me. The Miraj Hammam Spa at the Shangri-La offers a range of nourishing full-body treatments that are as effective as they are enjoyable.

While each body care treatment is loaded with benefits, I selected the Hydrating & Lifting Body Treatment by Biologique Recherche. This particular treatment uses stimulating techniques to target areas that lose elasticity. As our skin is depleted of moisture and hydration due to both external and internal factors, our skin tends to lose elasticity. This treatment helps to press the reset button on depleted skin and offers a boost of hydration along with lifting and toning effects.
The treatment starts with a whole body exfoliation, which helps to remove dead skin cells. The technician starts with the back of the body and then flips you onto the front. Due to the current circumstances, it’s important to note that the Miraj Hammam is incredibly clean and safe with both you and the technician wearing a mask for the treatment. The only time I removed my mask is when I went into the steam shower so it wouldn’t get wet. Upon completion of the steam the technician applied a customized lotion across my whole body while implementing massage techniques.
The Hydrating and Lifting Body Treatment was incredibly relaxing but the main thing I noticed by the end of it was how incredibly smooth and glowing my skin was. Even the sometimes dull spots like the elbows felt smoother than normal. Outside of the Miraj Hammam being one of my favourite spas providing guests with a dreamy ambience and oasis in the city, the treatments are high-end.
As soon as September hits I will most definitely be back for another body care treatment and a facial to prep my skin for the seasonal transition. I also recently found out that the spa is now offering a new treatment called Trilipo.
The Trilipo system is a unique offering that treats all four layers of the skin and addresses a broad range of conditions. Many successful cases have shown significant wrinkle reduction, skin tightening, cellulite treatment and a decrease in circumference. Trilipo is a safe and effective, non-surgical solution for body contouring and firming. TriPollar Technology and DMA Technology offer clinically proven solutions to eliminate unwanted fat to treat those ‘trouble’ areas. In a simple ‘walk-in, walk-out’ procedure you can enjoy advanced body contouring and firming, resulting in improvements that are visible from the very first treatment. Areas that can be treated include Arms, Abdomen, Thighs, and Buttocks.
According to the site, for best results 8 treatment sessions are recommended. The guest is to come every week until desired effect is achieved. Pricing depends on the length of the treatment and area of the body being treated. With my skin getting far less sun once the fall and winter hits, I will be sure to give this treatment a try. To book an appointment at Miraj Hammam click here.