As a huge majority of workers and business owners move the bulk of their business to home offices, the landscape of creative spaces has changed and still changing.

Working from home isn’t as easy as it sounds,  whether you’re keeping up with office work remotely, studying for classes, running your own business, or investing time in a creative hobby, it can be hard to find the motivation and inspiration to be successful with so many distractions. As of September, nearly 30% of Canadians were working remotely – with plenty more using their homes as headquarters for entrepreneurial projects or side-gigs. 

Let’s face it while wearing pyjama pants is a major perk, working from home can have some serious setbacks. 

With distractions, isolation, clutter, and your attention being pulled in twenty different directions, you may be asking yourself how you can possibly find the motivation to be creative from home! Here, we’ll look at some of the reasons you may not be feeling inspired and how you can turn that around for the coming year.

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There are lots of reasons why you may be feeling uninspired while working from home. The transition to a home office or becoming an entrepreneur can be isolating. Who thought we’d miss the water cooler chats with Linda from accounting so much!? Even when we’re at the top of our game professionally, distractions like a cluttered desk or unorganized files can be the one thing holding you back from reaching your maximum potential!

Here are some things to do to inspire creativity at your home office:

Clutter & Clean Space:

There’s nothing inspiring about having to search through piles of papers for a contract, file, or important document. Or that moment you really need a pen but there’s none in sight! ‘But, I know where everything is!’ A cluttered space – whether it’s functioning or not – may not be leaving you any room to breathe, much less feel inspired or creative.

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While decorating your home office with inspiring images, plants, and meaningful objects can be something that brings you joy, too much of a good thing is never good. If your workspace is filled with too many objects that are not adding value to your productivity – it may be time to let them go. Instead, focus on finding functional yet beautiful pieces to adorn your desk.

Desk Space Desire:

The best way to get yourself into a creative mindset is to create a space that’s worthy of your time and attention! Your desk is the hub of your enterprise. In order to maximize your productivity and harness the inspiration waiting patiently inside you, you have to ensure that your desk is the place that you want to go. 

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When you wake up in the morning and pour yourself a coffee, where do you naturally gravitate to? Is it your comfy sofa full of cushions, your balcony, or maybe a favourite chair? Now imagine that place where you’re being pulled towards is your home office or workspace. Imagine how much more creative you could be if you made your desk into your favourite spot in the house.

Let Your Creative Juices Flow:

Everyone is capable of being creative and achieving their full potential. Whether that means reaching for a promotion at work, fostering your artistic talents, or finishing that final essay before the deadline  – you’ll find that motivation and inspiration can easily flow when you make the room. Set yourself up for success by creating an inspiring workspace or home office. Be your own office inspiration.

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There are no limits on what you can achieve when you make space for creativity and inspiration.

Don’t be afraid to invest in your home office organization – you may be surprised with how much motivation you’ll feel to create when you give yourself the space to do so. Let go of clutter, limit distractions, and create, create, create. 

Published on HOLR Magazine.