Many companies have moved to an online platform for meetings and video chats that require many employees to now work from home. This allows the employees to change their work style to something more casual and comfortable. 

As the lockdown shut down many companies’ workplaces, it did not stop them from actually working. Today’s tech allowed many companies to use video chat, which allowed the employees to change their style to fit their new demographic. 

Many people have gone from wearing business casual to casual. Working from home, and only being seen on a computer screen allows you to change your style and make it as comfortable as possible. 

Sure, many people kept up with their normal attire for a little while, wearing the full business look, with hair and or makeup done. But now, having months to adjust, people have figured out ways to look the part. 

At first, many people would be in their underwear and nobody would know. But now, employees have become so accustomed to working from home they’ve moved on from business and strictly went to casual. Instead of looking like you did the whole ‘i got ready for work’ look, what you really did was throw on a nice pair of jeans and a clean crisp t-shirt. 

Comfort and convenience have become primary considerations in today’s corporate attire. Although these two elements were also crucial before the rise of virtual work, this new work arrangement has caused employees to embrace comfortable clothes even further.

Since you’ll likely be seated when you’re on video conferences, you won’t have to worry about dressing inappropriately when you wear casual loungewear or underwear beneath your corporate blouse. To ensure a comfortable feel, look for loungewear and underwear designed with these aspects in mind. For instance, putting on women bamboo underwear will help you avoid getting distracted by the summer heat thanks to its lightweight fabric.

This look is what sells at the moment. The casual deluxe is what people should be calling it. Finding ways to look put together, but still feel comfortable should be the new norm for working from home, especially when it’s through a computer screen. 

There are many looks that can be classified through the business world as a pass during this new virtual working world. For more casual meetings with the boss, jeans, and a button-down or blouse, preferably untucked. For a team round up, why not jeans (again) with a graphic t-shirt and maybe a casual blazer overtop? 

Many looks can be pulled off and your boss or coworkers may not even notice the difference between now and when they saw you at the office (it’s been so long), but keeping it casual can be hard when your track pants are in the next room. 

Many companies have already expanded marketing and sales based on working from lockdown, creating more business wear to feel more comfortable. Many trousers are now in a

jogger fit, with an elastic waistband, or more suiting like blazers can now be machine washed for a more sanitary closet. 

Fashion brands realized that virtual working has become the new norm and it was only a matter of time that the business casual look needed a refresh, so why not do it in comfort.