Vehicle accidents occur for a vast number of reasons. In some cases, people are texting or having smartphone conversations while they drive. Others are admiring the scenery or looking at maps. Sometimes there’s an unexpected traffic queue or another accident on the freeway. Whatever the cause, it can be a real shock when it happens. Victims of road accidents frequently feel either numb or in pain. They may be concerned for their vehicle and its occupants, or the welfare of the other parties. Longer-term they may receive medical help and visit a lawyer. During such a vulnerable time, it’s essential that the victim fully protects themself. Let’s now talk about six key ways a person can do this. 


  • Involve A Personal Injury Lawyer


If an incident occurs because of the carelessness of another driver, it may be possible to submit a legal compensation claim. In order for a person to maximize their chances, they may employ an attorney from day one. In 2019 there were 22 fatalities in Montgomery, Alabama, with accidents involving a total of 39 vehicles. The advice of car accident lawyers in Montgomery, AL is to seek professional help with paying medical bills, sorting any wrecked cars, and pursuing legal compensation. Attorneys are also able to conduct thorough investigations into incidents while they navigate the claims process. 


  • Let The Lawyer Be Your Voice


Another party may be trying to avoid liability for what has happened. It could be the company a truck driver works for or a team of lawyers at an insurance firm. Without sufficient legal know-how, an accident victim can be vulnerable. The insurance company may try to extract a different account of events from the person by manipulating their answers and trying to put words into their mouth. People also need to be careful what they say to others, including on social media. If the other parties can find any inconsistency in a claim, they will use it against them. If the lawyer is the sole communicator with all the parties involved, it can reduce the stress of the crash victim. They can then focus on their physical and emotional recovery, and let the lawyer be the one fighting for justice. 


  • Clear The Road


The moment a car crash occurs, other drivers become at risk. They could collide with the stationary vehicles or hit pieces of debris. For this reason, all cars and debris need to be safely removed from the freeway as soon as possible.  Whilst this is being done, it’s advisable to (safely) take photos of the scene. They should include pictures of road signs and landmarks, vehicle registration numbers, and the car damage sustained. Photos of any medical injuries should also be taken as legal evidence. 


  • Involve The Police 


If an ambulance has been called, the Police will automatically be notified. If not, there are several scenarios where they must attend a crash site before the involved parties can leave. The Police will then document the event and issue a Crash Report. Their assessment could become key evidence in the personal injury claim. For this reason, take the officer’s contact details so it will be easy to get a copy report in due course. 


  • Call An Ambulance Or Seek A Medical Assessment


This should be a top priority. In terms of the legal position, the medical records will be documentary evidence for the claim. If a person doesn’t seek help immediately, it will be hard for them to prove the injuries were sustained as a result of the crash. 

Over time there may be a doctor’s report that includes test or scan results. A specialist may also need to be involved. It’s only once the full diagnosis has been documented that the correct compensation fee can be assessed. 


  • Collect The Evidence


As regards the other party, you’ll need to ensure they own the vehicle they were driving. If not, find out who does. Obtain the driver’s full contact details, driving license, and car insurance information. If witnesses were present, get their contact details too, so their statements can join the legal evidence. 

By receiving medical attention from day one you will ensure that your health is protected and that you receive the right treatment. By involving witnesses and the Police you will have supplementary evidence for your claim. With the help of a good lawyer, all documentation will be adequately collated and presented. Hopefully, you will make a full recovery, and gain the financial compensation that you need.

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