Spring is right around the corner, but if you’re a male, and you got too used to wearing big puffer jackets, what do you wear now?

The interesting and enjoyable thing about spring outfits and matchups is you can have the best of both worlds – summer and winter. The most common mistake males tend to make is wearing their fall wardrobe. 

Here are some essentials to spring up your casual wardrobe!

A Khaki Parka from Canada Goose

Image Credit: https://www.trailheadpaddleshack.ca/


A parka is a hooded fur pullover garment for arctic wear. It is usually a lined fabric outerwear pullover or jacket. The classic colour for parkas is khaki, but it doesn’t hurt to play around with other colours such as navy, black, dark green, or even camo.

A Cream Mac Coat

Image Credit: gq.com

Mac coats:

A Mackintosh coat is a form of waterproof raincoat first sold in 1824, made by fusing two fabrics with natural rubber. This is an alternative to parkas, especially if you are wanting to dress up. Ideal colours: black, khaki, navy. 

A Black Bomber Jacker from H&M

Image Credit: hm.com

Bomber Jacket:

The go-to casual jacket for the last few years for many males, the bomber jacket has evolved thanks to the vision of different designers. You can wear this with a business or casual look. Ideal colours to go for: navy, black, and green. 

A Grey Harrington Jacket


Harrington Jacket:

This jacket is the epitome of versatility, as it provides a balance between formal and casual. Instead of the flat collars of a bomber, this provides a small circular collar to provide the formality. Ideal colours: black, green, navy.

A chequered flannel

Image Credit: simons.ca

Flannel shirts:

A soft, medium-weight cotton fabric that has a fuzzy finish. The pattern is called plaid, and the flannels that come in cotton and linen are more breathable for button-downs. Ideal colours: red, blue, grey, black, light blue.

A Blue Chunky Sweater

Image Credit: esquire.com

Chunky wool and cotton sweater:

The perfect way to warm yourself up but not be drenched in sweat is to wear a wool or cotton sweater because of its breathable nature. If you want to cool down a little, a cotton sweater is a way to go. Ideal colours: grey, black, red, and camel. 

Different Colours of Chino Pants

Image Credit: themodestman.com

Jeans and chinos:

Jeans are something you can wear with everything, and the occasion doesn’t matter. The go-to jeans for spring are either a dark or light colour, and if you want to add a little swagger, ripped jeans aren’t a bad shout. 

The advantage of chinos is the different array of available colours. Chinos are incredibly versatile and can be worn both casually and formally.

A Pair of White Trainers

Image Credit: GQ-magazine.co.uk


What you put on your feet can either make or break your outfit, and you need to decide two things when considering shoes; smart vs casual.

Minimalist trainers are shoes you can rock with both formal and casual wear. The ideal colours are white and light grey.

Black Suede Chelsea Boots

Image Credit: esquire.com

Suede Chelsea Boots:

If you are looking for the perfect balance between casual and formal, however, Chelsea suede boots are the way to go as they bring a chique but orthodox visual to the outfit. 

Published by: HOLR Magazine.