Looking good and being rich don’t always have to go hand in hand. Trust me — you can still look good on a budget!

Of course, it can be hard when you’re bombarded with different media outlets showing  tons of different trends you want to keep up with, but then the worst is finding out your fave item is outrageously priced. Thankfully there are many brands out there for us “non-celebrities” who can’t afford to spend $300 on a plain white t-shirt. You can look fabulous and still have some extra money left over to buy yourself that fancy latté you crave on your way to work.


Here’s an example; Kylie Jenner is undoubtedly one of the most influential people in the world right now as a reality TV star mogul and CEO of her multimillion dollar cosmetic brand. Also known for her love of beauty and fashion, fans also look up to this Hollywood star for her style.


In the picture above, you can see Kylie in a gorgeous dress by Norma Kamali, costing anywhere from $750- $9,500 USD — that I must mention she looks amazing in. You can also look amazing in a very similar dress by Forever 21 that only cost $19.90 CAD! Her shoes are to die for too, but not for the price. These stunning Yeezy heels go for oa whopping $500 USD, but I found a pair that looking striking similar from Zara for only $49.90 CAD, to follow the transparent heel trend. To complete the look, Kylie has a gorgeous L’Afshar purse that is just to die for. I found a similar purse for only $40 CAD from Topshop at Hudson’s Bay. For just over a hundred bucks, you can snag Kylie’s fancy look.


Another trendy celebrity that we all look to for fashion inspiration is none other than the iconic Beyoncé. Below you will see her in a gorgeous lace red dress by Christopher Kane on Valentines Day that looks absolutely stunning on her!


Of course this Christopher Kane dress isn’t too budget friendly, costing well over $1,500 USD. Here’s another option —  a similar dress that is just as cute from Le Chateau and it only costs $99.95 CAD! You can also find a similar heart-shaped purse she has with her– I managed to find one from Forever 21 for only $24.90 CAD that comes in both red and black. To complete the look, Queen B turns heads with Jimmy Choo heels. Hudson’s Bay has an incredible selection of shoes and where I found these Jewel Badgley Mischka heels at the affordable price of $150 CAD. Now you can dress to impress for any special occasion, all for under $275!


Lastly we have the always hilarious and stylish Chrissy Teigen. Chrissy always kills it with her styles, whether she’s dressing for a casual evening stroll with her kids or for the Grammys with her hubby John Legend. In the picture below, Chrissy is dressed for a more causal outing with their daughter Luna.


Chrissy is wearing an array of designers; Fendi, GRLFRND and The Victoria Beckham Collection. All of these brands together might set you back about a full month’s rent, which isn’t ideal for your typical working class millennial keeping up with the latest trends. Check out this jacket by Babaton on the Aritzia website for $198 CAD, which is a great dupe for Chrissy’s jacket. It’s still a little bit on the pricier side, butreasonable for a jacket. Plus jackets are typically an item you splurge on, so don’t feel too guilty about spending your money here. On the other hand, Jeans don’t have to be such a splurge, but you still want something good quality. These jeans from American Eagle only cost about $67.00 CAD and are just as cute as Chrissy’s $300 GRLFRND jeans. Lastly, Slides are also a huge trend right now, but Fendi is way out of most people’s budgets. Steve Madden has a cute pair of fuzzy slides on sale for only $29.98 CAD! There you have it — for under $300 you can cop Chrissy’s casual style.


Looking like a celebrity really isn’t that hard when you look into their styles, do your research, and find dupes. Always check for sales at your local mall or even check online daily. It’s always smart to compare prices as well, as you might find a similar item for a much cheaper price. Stores like Forever 21 and American Eagle always have some kind of discount code or sale online too, so really use those to your advantage!


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