15 Stylish DIY Radiator Covers

Image Credit: Deanery Furniture

Central heating serves an essential function, and few of us would do without it during winter. But that functionality often comes at the expense of aesthetics. To put it another way: central heating often looks incredibly ugly, whether we’re talking about the boiler, the radiators, or the pipework.

So, what’s to be done about it? 

What about the boiler?

Boilers are rarely pleasant to look at. Plus, they might make a sound that you’d rather move as far away as possible. If you have a suitable utility space, installing a boiler here might make a lot of sense. On the other hand, you might box in your boiler in a range of creative ways. Bear in mind also that modern electric boilers might look very different to the older gas boiler you’re looking to replace.

Covering your radiators

Most radiators are pure white when they’re installed for the first time. That is, until they’ve had a chance to discolour into an unpleasant shade of yellow.

Fortunately, there are ways that you can add style to a radiator. The most obvious way to do this is with the help of the right radiator cover. This strategy will tend to suit a more rustic general décor. But there are alternative sorts of radiator covers that might work in a contemporary apartment. Look for items with curved edges and plenty of metallic accents. Ideally, you’ll want to view the item in the place it’s going to be installed into.

It’s important to think about heat is going to flow from the radiator, too, and whether the radiator cover is going to be exposed to extremes of heat. While fire is rarely a concern (unless you’re using a portable electric heater), you might shorten the lifespan of your cover if it’s jammed right up against the boiling-hot metal of the radiator itself. If you’ve got thermostatic valves, you’ll also need to ensure that air can circulate around them.

Install new radiators

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Covering an ugly radiator is one solution – but a better one might be to simply buy a more attractive radiator in the first place. Designer radiators come in a wide range of shapes and configurations. In a modern home, a tower-style radiator might be a great source of visual interest. Choose a colour that works with the surrounding wall. Graphite tends to be a great choice in most modern homes. Ideally, your guests will assume that the thing hanging on the wall is a decorative item, rather than a purely functional one!

If you’ve got an older property, then it might make sense to look at an older-style radiator. Cast-iron radiators are obviously very heavy, but they’ll provide you with that sense of unmistakable Victorian style. When you’re decorating a Victorian home, it can make a huge difference!

Published by HOLR Magazine.