The fashion-forward ladies should be on your radar to get awesome fashion inspiration on style and lifestyle as they might be just the follow you are looking for if you are doing an Instagram deep dive. 

Check out this top list below to add some newness to your feed.

Kayla Seah @kayla_seah with 395k Followers: 

She is one of Toronto’s top fashion bloggers. Her blog,, won the Webby Award for “Best Lifestyle Website”. While her blog covers a wide range of topics from food to travel, beauty to decor, her focus on fashion trends, styling, and shopping is unique and straightforward. 

IG: @kayla_seah

Osob Mohumad @osob.mohamud with 190k Followers: 

Osob Mohamud shares her life through her fashion, makeup, and skincare tutorials on Instagram and Youtube. She is a single mother to daughter Alina and gives her advice on how to navigate single motherhood and parenting. She also was recently recognized as  Canada’s Best Dressed 2021.

IG: @osob_mohamus

Katherine Garbarino @kgmtl with 90.1k Followers: 

Katherine Garbarino, better known as “KGMTL”, is a Montreal-based influencer who shares her “no BS approach” on health, beauty, supplements, and skincare with the right style.  If you follow her on Instagram, you know she never goes a morning without squeezing lemon into her infamous lemon water drink, with a dash of Celtic sea salt! Katherine’s take on things is as refreshing as a cold lemon drink on a hot summer day. For more of her tips, you can find them on the lifestyle platform that she founded called Girls Living Well, a platform where women share their knowledge and stories. 

IG: @kgmtl

Sophie Suchan @sophiesuchan with 301k Followers;

Sophie is a young up-and-comer based in Vancouver and taking Instagram by storm. She’s been dedicated to growing her following for the last four years and dedicated herself to producing predominantly style content. Her feed is filled with posts from shoots with fun items and her edgy style sets her apart from the competition. 

IG: @sophiesuchan

Tania Cascilla @darling_tee with 60k Followers:

Tania Cascilla is a Canadian fashionista living in New York. Cascilla started her fashion and lifestyle blog “Darling Tee” in order to share her love for fashion, favourite beauty tips, and hotspots in the city. As much she cares about fashion, her true passion lies within uplifting women.

IG: @darling_tee

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