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Renovating any part of the house, be it the bathroom, living room, or bedroom, can come with a hefty price tag and can make even the least frugal of us fear for our finances.

However, a room revamp doesn’t need to break the bank. There are a number of ways that a bedroom can be renovated on a budget. Keep reading to find out how.

A Fresh Lick

Rather than making large-scale changes that will inevitably incur heavy costs, there are some smaller, much more cost-effective steps you can take to renovate your bedroom.

You’d be surprised just how much life a new coat of paint can breathe into a room. New colors can open up space, reflect light in different ways, and change the entire perception and sense of depth in a room.

For a bedroom, simple, neutral colors work to create a sense of more space, with soft pastels ideal for soothing you to sleep. Color-match your newly painted walls with new curtains or soft furnishings to tie everything together aesthetically and finish off your new room.

Consider adding a set of 2 nightstands to your revamped bedroom for both practical bedside storage and aesthetic cohesion without straining your budget.

Buy Discount Furniture

Sometimes, a new coat of paint just won’t cut it. Old furniture can make a room look tired and drab, and sometimes replacing items is the only way to refresh a room.

Before you splash out on that eye-watering expensive bed or antique set of drawers, consider some of the fantastic cut-price furniture options. Bedroom sets can give your room an instant refresh and can be found at a discount price.

A furniture purchase doesn’t necessarily need to run you into the red. With some research and patience, you can find the perfect piece for your bedroom at a price you can afford.

Install Shelves

Installing shelves is a cheap and instant way to create a new focal point in a room. Use them to liven up a dull wall, clear clutter from the floors, and display ornaments, pictures, and other interesting trinkets that draw the eye.

Play around with the size of shelves you size, their height, and spacing to get the layout that works best for your bedroom.

Add Some Greenery

While plants might be an obvious choice for the kitchen or the living room, incorporating them into your bedroom can add life and vitality to the space. Choose flowers, herbs, or plants like lavender to add fragrance and beauty to your bedroom, while chrysanthemums are ideal for the bedroom due to their air-purifying qualities.


Undertaking home improvements can be daunting, no matter the scale of the job at hand. With so many aesthetic and style choices to be made, the financial implications can work to add to what can already be a stressful situation.

Follow our simple tips to renovate your bedroom on a budget. By making the process more cost-effective, you can reduce some of those worries and concentrate on the most important thing of all, making your home look as good as it should. 

Published by HOLR Magazine.