With big, traditional hotel chains such as Marriott and Hyatt moving into the sphere, resorts are raising the bar. We’re seeing a ton of premiumization brought into the all-inclusive category as resorts focus on delivering a five-star experience.

The best deal is what people look for while they are on the run to book an all-inclusive trip. We spend hours and hours on our laptops or phones searching for the best package available online. Well, good news! The search is over as TripSupport is here to your rescue. From budgeting to finding the cheapest flights and hotels to your sunny dream destinations, we have got you all covered. We take all your stress on us and look for all the things and details you are looking for on your holiday.

We recommend you keep in mind a few tips before you go ahead and book your vacation. These tips are based on how and what details a person should pay attention to while booking an all-inclusive vacation package.

What is an all-inclusive vacation?
Before you start planning your all-inclusive vacation, we would like to define ‘what is an all-inclusive vacation’, especially for those who do not know or are first-timers at it. An all-inclusive package typically includes airfare, accommodation, meals, snacks, alcohol (if mentioned), and listed activities (usually non-motorized). You can relax and enjoy your vacation without worrying about your wallet or anything else. It gives you the feeling of a cruise but on land.

It is also essential to know what you want out of your vacation. If you are those kinds who love to explore, go around and have fun, all-inclusive is not a great choice for you as you will end up paying double. An all-inclusive vacation is only beneficial for those comfortable with staying inside the hotel property.

All-inclusive vacation

Set a budget
Setting your budget is the first and foremost thing one should do before planning a vacation. Search for a package that falls under your budget along with other expenses that you would need to make while on your trips, such as booking an excursion or any other activity that would not be included in your budget. Also, do not forget to include tips in your budget.

Book during off-season
We recommend booking during the off-season, between May and October. But if you wish to visit the sunny Caribbean destinations during October or November, you still can as the prices would still be low. Avoid booking during Christmas as that is when the prices start to soar. Another great benefit to traveling during the off-season, besides getting cheaper packages, is the lesser crowd.

Choose a pocket-friendly destination.
Choosing a pocket-friendly destination makes the chances of getting the rates that you are
looking for. Namely, Cuba and the Dominican Republic are said to have the cheapest packages with some wonderful four-star hotels that offer activities and other entertainment. All the Caribbean destinations are more affordable; you need to keep your eye constantly to get your hands on the hottest deals.

Book your trip in Advance
Booking early can help you save thousands of dollars on your vacation. The early you book, the more you save. There are also chances of having the choice to choose and pick from a variety of resorts and dates according to your preferences. For example, if you book a getaway 11 months prior to your trip, you are likely to get some ‘steal deals’ that can include a stay at a 5-star hotel.

Two people sitting in seats facing a pool

Choose your resort

Choosing your resort makes it easier for you to decide what type of resort you want to stay in. If you are going on a vacation with your partner, you can choose an Adults-only alternative, whereas, if you are traveling with family, you can go to a family-friendly resort.

Search for your vacation in incognito mode
As travel sites use cookies to track your browsing data, you have a high chance of witnessing high prices for the trips you have been searching for. So, we advise you to use incognito mode whenever searching for a vacation package.

Last-minute bookings
Last-minute bookings can sometimes turn out to be cheaper than expensive. But this can only be done during the off-seasons and not during Christmas or March break. If you are flexible and not stringent about a particular destination, this last-minute booking can be a savior.

Children running across a beach

Child-friendly deals
If you are traveling with kids, look for somewhere kids stay and eat for free. Yes, you heard it right! There are deals where you pay for you and your wife, and the kids enjoy it for free. We suggest you look out for such deals from time to time.

Use hotel cards with free stays at an all-inclusive resort

Using points and miles is a great way to take advantage of free nights at an all-inclusive resort. Several hotels do club these deals together, letting you stay for free while enjoying all the luxury of an all-inclusive package.

Know what is included in the package
Check what you are paying for and what amenities and facilities are included in the package, as you do not want to dig into your pockets for things you thought you had already covered. Check if all meals and drinks are included, or if Wi-Fi access is free. These are certain things you need to be sure of before you head on your vacation.

These tips can help you in your future bookings. All-inclusive are a great way to enjoy a
vacation. It lets you choose from various options, such as flights, hotels, and destinations. Also, there are a number of resort types that make things easier for you, like Adults-only resorts, family-friendly resorts and budget resorts. These resort types cater to all your needs and demands while you are on holiday. You can go ahead and book according to your preference.

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