Ice Spice Deli Music Video

Singer Ice Spice has been slammed by people online for her recent Deli music video, which featured a 16-year-old TikToker twerking.

The song, from her debut album Like…?, features several people, including the 23-year-old singer twerking. However, people quickly addressed the fact that 16-year-old TikToker Aya Tanjali was also seen dancing in the clip.

Watch the music video, below:

Ice Spice 16 Year Old TiTtoker

Ice Spice


The teenager spotted in the clip is Aya Tanjali, who has over 6 million subscribers on TikTok. Several Twitter users slammed the clip and critiqued Ice Spice for adding the teenager to the video.

“what was her whole team thinking bro?? like she got good music but this was outta pocket…” one person wrote, as seen here. “What’s more concerning is that she’s twerking in bars at 16 years old.” another user added.

“They don’t pay enough according to her parents who signed her up For this and the talent who booked her and the men on set who knew she was underage and inappropriately dressed but shot the video anyways. Shame On that entire team.” another user wrote.

A person addressed the incident, saying that, “ngl ice spice is weird for putting a 16 year old twerking in her music video knowing grown men watch her videos all the time.”

“Raise your voice. These things cannot be allowed to become normalized.”

Published by HOLR Magazine.