French linen is all about luxury, and now If Only Home is releasing its French linen collection with a limited release of seasonal colours. Since 2018 If Only Home has been a leader in the values of quality and sustainability when it comes to luxury organic cotton sheets and bedding. Now, in June of 2021, they are releasing their highly anticipated French linen collection. 

If Only Home

Keeping in mind their values, and sticking with organic cotton, If Only Home is bringing super soft, breathable and elegant french linen into your home. Linen is a known material to combat the summer heat, and as many love to make their beds the focal points in their room, linen allows you to stay cool as it is a natural temperature regulating material. With the linen collection, you can now still wear your duvet without ripping it off during the night from the trapped heat. 

Sustainability and comfort are key values for IOH, and with the French linen collection, you can feel comfortable all year round, warm in the winter and cool in the summer. French linen is crafted from eco-friendly materials, like French flax. 

IOH believes in making your home a reflection of who you are, and who you want to be. The company quotes “our bedding is crafted to be worthy of that space- the space where we rest, we rise, and we rise up.” Having a company that is so passionate about making sure your bedding is more than just a place to sleep is super important. Many people fear the bedroom, but IOH embraces it and wants you to show it off as a reflection of yourself. 

If Only Home

Over the last year the bedroom has become more than a place to sleep, people now work from their beds, watch movies in their beds and it has become a place where countless hours are being spent. 

The French linen collection comes in seasonal and core collection colours. Colours like snow and oatmeal are core collection and will last throughout the year, no matter the season. Other colours like seagrass and silver mink are seasonal colours allowing you to contrast your room per season. 

The French linen collection is a highly anticipated collection that If Only Home has been searching for. The values of IOH are now reflected when it comes to their long-lasting search for the perfect linen product. This collection is woven from French flax, which is some of the softest and more breathable material and has the durability to last you and your family for years to come.