A New Barbie, A New World. Barbie is changing her look; she’s evolving to adapt to our world. Removing the plastic out of our ocean, our environment, and most importantly—out of our children’s toy box. The Barbie doll has been a childhood fantasy for many girls everywhere. After inspiring girls for decades, this iconic brand has set out to send a message of empowerment and courage, without losing its iconic essence.

The Barbie Collection has been repositioned as “Barbie Loves the Ocean”, made from 90% recycled plastic; to inspire the next generation of young individuals to embrace her environmental role and help shape a sustainable future for generations to come.

The Barbie 100% recyclable ocean plastic

By 2030, Mattel’s goal is to create a sustainable, 100% recycled material for Barbie and its packaging. With the “Mattel Playback” program, customers can return Barbie for reusable future products. Plus, partnering up with 4ocean, they have created an initiative to clean a pound of trash from the ocean for every Barbie Bracelet x 4ocean sold. Creating a stronger, and safer Barbie, than ever before. Committed to raising the standards and inclusivity for Barbie and our world, Barbie is inspired from real girls, and modernized to reflect a new kind of beauty that doesn’t rely on outdated ideals. With sustainability in mind, a new generation of Barbie is here. Barbie is back, and she’s better, literally!