Rumors are swirling regarding whether or not Ryan Gosling got filler after appearing on the red carpet recently with co-star, Margot Robbie.

Ryan Gosling is seemingly looking more and more like his on-screen character, Ken.

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Did Ryan Gosling get filler in his face? A blind item TikTok video from user @thekylemarisa alleges that the actor did.


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According to the TikTok video, Gosling allegedly got “new fillers” for his red carpet-appearance. The TikTok video supposedly states that they looked “really bad up close.”

ryan gosling

Image Credit: @thekylemarisa TikTok

Check out what some people think of Gosling’s alleged new look in the comment section of the video:

ryan gosling

Image Credit: @thekylemarisa TikTok

People are stating that his supposed new look is giving “Kardashians” and “Zac Efron” who famously went viral after rumors went rampant that he was allegedly using fillers. Efron later squashed these claims and stated that he looked different because he had an accident that shattered his jaw, as mentioned here.

Gosling hasn’t confirmed whether or not he has undergone fillers recently, so this rumor will stay a rumor for now.

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Gosling and co-star Margot Robbie took the red carpet at Cinemacon recently to promote Greta Gerwig’s “Barbie,” the film they both star in alongside a star-studded cast.

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