Life changes and it’s bound to become more stressful, when it does it’s important to know easy ways to incorporate meditation into our daily routine.

If meditation isn’t a lengthy sit-down session of intense reflection, what is it? Meditation comes in many ways, some you probably do already. Setting aside just 2-5 minutes of relaxed breathing with a clear headspace will provide drastic improvements to one’s mental health overall. Without further ado, here are ‘#’ activities that will provide you time to clear your head and reset. 

Morning Cup of Coffee

Every morning, brewing your coffee will provide you some time to respite and just breathe. As long as this activity takes at least 2 minutes, you will have found time to meditate for the day. Focusing on your breath, and providing time for your body to relax and your head to clear, will provide a great benefit to your mental health.

Grabbing a Drink (non-alcohol)

Whether it’s drinking from a water fountain, cracking open a soda can, or pouring something at home offers a chance to take some time and reflect. Water works best due to its neutral flavour which helps you clear your head. Obviously alcoholic beverages don’t work very well for this as continued usage leads to other outcomes. However, the idea as a whole with slowly sipping away a drink while doing nothing else provides the relaxation one needs in life.

Driving (red lights)

Driving can be stressful, especially during traffic hours, however for some, driving is a great way to relax, clear one’s head and reset. When you are cruising down a street, or during the stops at a red light, take a moment to draw attention to your breath and clear your head.

Public Transportation

Public Transportation offers a better chance to relax than driving but often is taken away from us by advertisements, last-minute work, or our phones. For those of us that do find themselves with free time on public transit, it provides a great chance to clear our heads and meditate for the length of the trip. Remember, you do not need to close your eyes to meditate, no one wants to miss their stop by accidentally falling asleep.

Going to the Washroom

Lastly on our list is going to the washroom. Both the short walk and the activities done can all be included in a meditative activity where one can take time to draw attention to their breathing and reflect on events or ready themselves for the upcoming activities.

Meditation can be confusing at first for many and we strongly recommend going out to have a guided meditation session for your first few experiences. However, you can find out more about meditation activities HERE.

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