Close to nothing is as strenuous as withstanding long and unreasonable hours at work, regardless of how much of a hard and dedicated worker you are. There comes a point where the dimension of your resilience depreciates and the only antidote therein is taking a hiatus so to cultivate your mental health

It is such a pity that most employers do not provide the liberty of tendering mental health breaks to their employees; to a point where they find themselves within or even beyond the edge of burning out. Sometimes, it is employees themselves who willingly drive themselves to this particular juncture all in the name of gaining a grand status among their colleagues and favour from their superior(s). 

Our society is also influential in perpetuating said slant by glamourizing an incessant working process. You definitely do not want to find yourself on the nethermost region of this circumstance, so the utilization of the pointers that follow will redeem and aid your sanity in your workplace. 

Make room for meditation 

This particular course of relaxing is still taboo in most spaces. For some flighty reason, it is regarded as a bourgeois practice and has resulted in many people disregarding its efficacy. Ask anyone who meditates and they will assure you that internal issues melt & cause external difficulties to seem frivolous during and after meditation. So if you are ever bombarded with a truckload of work, adopt this powerful shield. For starters, you can set aside a good 10 minutes of your lunch break to engage in this fully focused mental exercise. Believe me, you’ll feel much lighter and efficiently handle your handiwork thereafter. 

Listen to Music

There is something about musical a melody that carries the inexplicable power of penetrating through a heavy and or gloomy mind. Only you know that one artist whom when you listen to causes the world to “stop” for a while. Well, I’m not privy to the regulations of your working environment, but if they allow you to put on your headsets while exerting labour, then you are at a sweet advantage. However, if you do not constitute that upper hand, waiting for your lunch break to bask within your favourite playlist is your next option. 

Head Outside 

Nature is associated with wholesomeness and for a good reason. Seeing those trees and blooming flowers (well, depending on the season of course) has a grandeur way of influencing your mind to tune into its leisurely pace, so dislocating yourself from the confined office space & taking a walk around the building of your workplace for a while would certainly be therapeutic. 


Do not hesitate to initiate a conversation with any of your co-workers (that’s if they aren’t busy, you don’t want to be a nuisance or an interruption bud) & you’d be surprised to learn that they share your frustrations. Should they be occupied or just unavailable to speak, calling one of your loved ones would lighten your heavy load. Resorting to your favourite drink would also do you good! 

Utilize the internet

No, I know what you are thinking – I’m not saying hop onto your social media, that would further stress you. Being the curious lad that I am, I once came across two helpful sites on our “favourite buddy” (the internet), namely: the thoughts room & – the former allows you to type in your thoughts on a blank canvas & you thereafter watch them fade into a galaxy; this is a smart way to trick the brain into thinking that the negative energies are no longer a part of you. 

The purpose of the latter is exactly that! You rest for two minutes by simply staring at an appealing picture so to clear your head. If you move the mouse/touchpad you start over. Call it a game, a mini-museum – it definitely works! 

What are you waiting for? Adopt any or all of these Today lest you drown yourself in that intensive stream of workaholism. Also, refer to this article I penned during Mental Health month for an extended mental health overview.  

Published by HOLR Magazine.