Have you ever visited Israel? If not, you should make a plan. Of course, you have read about the country in some religious and history books, and you may want to know more about it. First, there are several overlooked reasons why someone should visit Israel. Apart from the many tourist attractions, the country is filled with amazing people, unbeaten history, and a world-class culture you will want to have a taste of. The country has the most faithful religious groups, and its city, Jerusalem, is regarded as the city of religion. 

This article will discuss some interesting facts you need to know about Israel. Check on the list below.


Jerusalem is the City for Religion


You cannot analyze Israel deeply without touching its main city, Jerusalem. According to research, Jerusalem is regarded as the world’s sacred city, regarded holy by Jews, Christians, and even Muslims. It accommodates all religions, the majority being the Jews. The city of Jerusalem hosts the Western Hall, the main church for Holy Sepulchre, and holds one of the largest mosques, the Al-Aqsa Mosque. In line with the Christians supporting Israel, anyone interested in these faiths can support the less fortunate and visit the faithful living in this town. You will also learn more about the town. There are also many things to do in Jerusalem, including visiting historical sites, visiting the markets, restaurants, great shopping centers, and much more.


It’s the Lowest Place on Earth


Israel is regarded as the lowest place on earth and its sea; the Dead Sea is the lowest and most unique in that you can’t swim in it. The sea is filled with the most concentrated seawater, which makes you not sink on it. If you have seen people walking or floating in water in Jerusalem, it’s a true story and not an imagination. Other than the salty waters in the Dead Sea, its mud is precious. It’s bottled and sold all over the world as a beauty product. When you visit the Dead Sea, this mud is free. You will cover yourself with it and enjoy the transformation it will create in your skin. If you are looking for an exciting activity to do in Jerusalem, there you have it.


Israel Christians are More Religious Than Jews but Less Religious Than Muslims


When you go to Israel, you will meet three religious groups, the Christians, the Jews, and the Muslims. Out of the three, the Muslims are more religious, followed by the Christians and the Jews. At least 68% of Muslims reveal how religion is important, compared to 57% of Christians. Only three in ten Jews believe religion is more important in their lives. A third of Israel Christians pray daily, while 38% will attend religious services every week. 61% of Muslims and 21% of Jews pray every day, while 49% of Muslims and 27% of Jews attend religious services weekly. When it comes to populations, Jews take over 74%, with Muslims taking approximately 18%. The committed Christians are a few at only 2%. Others include the 1.6% Druze while others are religiously unclassified. The Arabs minorities are the most religious people compared to the Jews.


Almost All Christians in Israel are Baptized


Being a religious person in Israel matters a lot because it’s regarded as a religious town. Any data concerning religious groups is regarded highly compared to other countries. At least 94% of the Christians based in Israel are baptized and have fully committed their lives to Christianity. Also, the majorities say that they are saints or holy figures and stand for their homes. At least 83% of these are also anointed with oil. Getting anointed with oil is a ritual done yearly or when one is sick. Only 60% of the Christians will fast in prayer and during lent. When it comes to tithing, only 39% of the Christians give a tithe – a percentage of one’s income towards the church development. 


Israel is Safe, but People are Scared


Israel is among the safest countries globally, and mostly it’s because of religious beliefs. However, most people do not believe the narrative until when they visit the country. People who visit this region always get amazed at how peaceful and calm this country is, despite the negative reports they get from the news sources. According to statistics, you will be much safer in Israel than in Western Countries, including the United States of America. If security was your concern in visiting this country, you don’t have to worry anymore. 

After reading these facts and others more, including tourist attractions and things to do in Israel, you might want to visit this country. Most people who have done so will always want to go back and enjoy Israel’s many exciting things. However, it’s important to support the people living there, especially those spreading the religion, to continue keeping the country iconic.