Is Iran going to attack Israel? Questions are swirling regarding new alleged claims.

Iran Attacks Israel

According to this TikTok video posted by user @999sea5, news sources are claiming that Iran is allegedly preparing a “major” attack in retaliation for Monday’s suspected airstrike by Israel on the Iranian consulate in Syria.

This is alleged to be the “most significant Israeli attack on Iranians” since the war in Gaza reportedly began.

It is alleged that Iran is preparing to launch a “swarm” of drones and missiles supposedly timed around the end of Ramadan.


According to this related article, Iran allegedly asked the US to “step aside” as it prepares its alleged response.  The US has seemingly responded by asking “Iran not to hit American targets,” as noted in the article. A clear target has not yet been identified in this alleged attack but Israel is reportedly reinforcing its air defences.

Rumors of World War 3 have been swirling online regarding these alleged news claims, but there is no concrete evidence to support this claim.

Iran Israel Attack

The target of this alleged attack is still unknown although the US American troops in the Middle East are supposedly now on “high alert” in preparing for an alleged response.

Iran Israel War

There is no evidence to support claims that there will be a war between Iran and Israel following these claims, but there are rumors floating around that Iran may allegedly have access to nuclear weapons. Although it is alleged that they have paused a nuclear weapons program, it remains unknown if they do or don’t have access to nuclear weapons that may supposedly be used in retaliation.

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Image Credits: @999sea5 TikTok

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