Hamas unprecedented attack on Israel last weekend shocked the world.

As mentioned in this article, music festival goers in Israel were attacked by Gaza militants in which the attackers shot people at point-blank range and then looted their belongings on Saturday. This harrowing evidence was evidently captured in a now-viral car dashcam video present at the event.

It’s reported that Israeli officials counted at least 260 bodies near the site of the deadly festival.

Hamas Attack on Music Festival

Hamas is rumored to be holding more than 100 hostages in Gaza following the music festival attack on Saturday. Shani Louk, a German tattoo artist was presumed to be dead after an alleged video of her circulated online, showing her with broken legs in a truck being paraded around the city.  However, her mother came forward claiming her daughter was still alive.

A 24-year-old college student, Bruna Valeanu, was killed in the music festival attack. According to the below TikTok video posted by user @cbseveningnews, her mother and sister had just moved to Israel and took to social media to ask 10 people to attend her funeral- the number required for Jewish ceremonies.


After 24-year-old Bruna Valeanu was killed by Hamas at a music festival Saturday, her family, who recently moved to Israel, took to social media to ask 10 strangers to attend the funeral – but instead, thousands of Israelis showed up to share the family’s grief. #israelhamaswar #news

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10,000 Israelis ended up attending the funeral, sharing in the families’ grief.

Families are still searching for missing members who attended the festival. Festival goers were from all over the world, including one 33-year-old Canadian man who was reportedly killed shielding others from gunfire as noted here.

Hamas Attack on Israel 2023

This series of attacks against Israel triggered an announcement of war by Israel on Sunday in an effort to protect its people. The below TikTok video posted by user @dailymail, shows hostage victims of the Israel-Hamas war.


“If you want me instead, I’m willing to come” Part One: Yoni Asher, a husband and father of two young children pleads for his family to be released as they are held hostage by Hamas. #israel #hammas #palestine #military #hostage #victimsofwar #israelhamas

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