Michigan-born and Los Angeles-based artist, rapper, and creative maverick Miles Morrison unleashes his debut Hollywoodland EP.

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A mosaic of raw rap, alternative experimentation, confessional lyrics, subversive pop, and cinematic vision, the eight-track project introduces him as an eruptive force. On tracks like the infectious opener “Bad For My Health, he assures, “I break the mold,” before going on to just do that on every subsequent track. Everything culminates on the emotionally charged vigil “Take Me Away. Over ominous bells and a hi-hat skitter, he admits, “So I tried to go and blame it on my fucking past, now I know that these addictions are my better half.” It proves equally chilling and catchy. 

Check out the full tracklisting below.

Soon, he will share a unique triptych of music videos from the project with a nod to A Clockwork Orange. It’s a dose of good old-fashioned sonic ultra-violence, kicking things off with the final video of the series “Bad for My Health” on Monday, April 6.

“I’ve always had a passion for film, I’ve always had a passion for directors like Stanley Kubrick and Quentin Tarantino, among others…” says Miles. “Hollywood was my thing, even before music. So, I knew once I had an opportunity to get into music videos, I really wanted to implement all of that.

As I was conceptualizing the videos, I wanted to create something that represented what I’ve been going through for the past few years. So really what you’re watching in these first 3 videos is not necessarily meant to be taken so literally, but, in fact, what it represents is a metaphor for what I’ve gone through from the moment I moved here until today. The woman in the story, she represents ‘Hollywood’ to me.”

Miles Morrison invites you to Hollywoodland now. You may never be the same afterward.

Born a stone’s throw from Flint in Fenton, MI, Miles Morrison always saw beyond the confines of the Midwest. Raised by his single mother, he found inspiration in everyone from Eminem to Eddie Vedder. During his second year at Arizona State University, he developed a fascination with drugs and reshaped his entire path. Picking up and moving to Los Angeles, he pursued music and film. He went from breaking it down at parties with fiery freestyles to pay-for-play gigs in some of the city’s most hostile underground clubs and neighborhoods before catching the attention of EP Entertainment. Signed to a joint venture between EP Entertainment and Epic Records, he opens up his world on Hollywoodland.


  1. Bad For My Health
  2. She’ll Be OK
  3. Off White
  4. I’m So Lost
  5. Warwick
  6. 40
  7. Go Out [feat. Yo Gotti & Stunna Girl]
  8. Take Me Away

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