Cleaning just got easier, cooler, and a lot more fun! iRobot’s newest Roomba, i3+, is the latest in top of the line consumer robotics. Self cleaning, obstacle observing, and controlled from our phones via the iRobot Home App; the Roomba i3+ deals with all our cleaning needs and responsibilities. Kick back, relax, and enjoy watching the Roomba GO!

A leader in consumer robotics, iRobot Corporation is known for their Roomba line of automated vacuums. Having sold more than 30 million units worldwide, iRobot is constantly pushing themselves to make smarter and more versatile product. In September they released the Roomba i3+,  a stylish and forward-thinking vacuum robot; giving you one less cleaning task to worry about.

The i3+ learns the boundaries and obstacles of the room(s) of your choice, cleans logically in rows across all kinds of flooring, and cares for itself when it needs. This process may seem amazing in-and-of-itself, but this is only the tip of the iceberg.

Cross vacuuming off the to-do list for good.

The Roomba i3+ is the culmination of nearly 2 decades worth of innovation from iRobot. Equipped with a 3-stage cleaning system that consists of Dual Multi-Surface Rubber Brushes, a special Edge-Cleaning Brush that gets into corners, upgraded Power-Lifting Suction and a High-Efficiency Filter that captures 99% of dust, pollen, mold, and allergens; the i3+ is the best and brightest iRobot has to offer.

As with other more recent Roomba models, the i3+ utilizes the Clean Base Automatic Dirt Disposal system, which allows the robot to empty debris on its own. The Clean Base acts as dock, charger, and debris deposit for the robot, creating an all-in-one hub that helps it perform independently and efficiently. Inside the Clean Base resides an AllergenLock bag that employs four layers of allergen blocking material to trap 99% of pollen and mold. Better still, the AllergenLock bag is large enough to hold 60 days’ worth of dirt and debris, which mean you can go two months without having to empty the Clean Base.

These small marvels and intelligent design choices combine to make a product that’s as useful as it is resourceful.

The next step in consumer robotics.

The cleaning technology that went into the creation of the i3+ may be impressive, but what really makes it stand out is its adaptability. The new Roomba was designed to make use of the newly redesigned iRobot Home App, powered by iRobot Genius. Available on IOS and Android devices, the app allows consumers to personalize their i3+ experience, which is tailored via state-of-the-art artificial intelligence that learns your cleaning needs as you use it. This process includes recommending cleaning schedules, making special recommendations during pet-shedding or allergy seasons, and event-based automations that will activate the i3+ under specific circumstances or actions. This model can even be synched with an Alexa or Google Home to become voice activated for greater ease of use.

iRobot’s latest strides in consumer robotics have yielded a product that simply makes life easier for those looking to make homecare less time-consuming and more intuitive.

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