Is Andrew Tate Free From Jail? His brother, Georgiana Naghel and Luana Radu Released

Andrew Tate and his brother were released from a Romanian jail on house arrest after an appeal, following their arrest on December 29 on suspicion of human trafficking, rape, and forming an organized crime group to exploit victims. The two men walked out of the Bucharest jail together, with Tristan delivering a brief statement claiming that the judge’s decision would be “vindicated.” Tate, on the other hand, remained silent.

Andrew Tate released reddit

Tate pacing in his house after the release

Tate is a well-known misogynistic influencer who allegedly “held women like prisoners and forced them to create online pornographic content” at his Romanian residence. He later uploaded a strange topless video of himself pacing backwards and forwards while smoking a cigar at the same residence. In the video, Tate claimed that he now has “absolute clarity of thought” and that he had been in 24-hour lockdown with “zero electronics or outside contact.” He also thanked his supporters and claimed that there was “zero percent chance” of him being found guilty.

Gerogiana Naghel and Luana Radu

Georgian Naghel who was also arrested

Did Andrew Tate Get Released Reddit

People on Reddit are speculating that Andrew Tate snitched on someone else but others have discounted that theory with posts like the below.

Did Andrew Tate get released reddit

After his release, Tate spoke to the media and said that he had no resentment in his heart for Romania and believed that justice would be served in the end. He maintained his innocence and said that he looked forward to being home. Two Romanian women, Luana Radu and Georgina Naghel, were also arrested at the same time as Tate and his brother. The four had a bail application rejected earlier but the appeal was successful.