Avril Lavigne and Tyga have been spending time together after Lavigne reportedly called off her engagement to Mod Sun. 

Are Avril Lavigne and Tyga dating? It’s likely!

The duo were spotted in Paris recently during Parid Fashion week as mentioned here. They also allegedly attended a party being thrown by Leonardo DiCaprio while there as reported by TMZ. This follows previous reports that the two have been spotted out together recently.

Avril Lavigne Mod Sun

Lavigne and Mod Sun recently ended their engagement. This article includes a quote from a source who said, “They got to know each other on a deeper level and found out it didn’t work out, and they quietly ended things.”

This news comes after Lavigne has been seen out and about with rapper, Tyga. Tyga famously previously dated Kylie Jenner.

tyga kylie jenner

Image Credit: Lilly Lawrence/WireImage

Avril Lavigne Age

Lavigne is currently 38 years old and Tyga is 33 years old. According to this article, the pair are both in Paris hanging out. Although neither of them has confirmed or denied their relationship, fans have been speculating that the two are together as a result of their recent outings.

What do you think- are Avril Lavigne and Tyga a rumored new couple? 

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