Colleen Ballinger drama continues as social media users uncover past footage of the YouTuber in blackface.

Social media users are continuing to uncover disturbing footage of the YouTuber. HOLR is breaking down the latest, below.

Colleen Ballinger Drama

According to this TikTok video posted by user @ivansteff, Colleen Ballinger – AKA Miranda Sings- is experiencing “cancel culture” after being accused of grooming younger fans and allegedly being racist.


#colleenballinger aka #mirandasings exposed for painting her face Black while singing ‘Single Ladies’ by Beyonce 😳🔥

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Colleen Ballinger Grooming

Ballinger received backlash on social media after fans came forward and accused the social media star of grooming them when they were younger. As previously reported, Ballinger has recently been exposed for being inappropriate with fans in the past. For instance, Ballinger allegedly sent a minor fan lingerie as a joke years ago.

Colleen Ballinger Blackface

As noted in the above TikTok video, Ballinger is now being accused of racism, in which one author of an article who apparently worked with Ballinger on her Netflix show came forward to address her experience with Ballinger. Allegedly, Ballinger was caught saying the N-word and supposedly made racist remarks towards black people on her show, “Haters Back Off.”  The author also alleges that Ballinger insisted on having limited actors of color on set because it would be “distracting.”

Is Colleen Ballinger racist?

A new video circulating on TikTok of Ballinger doing blackface to “Single Ladies” by Beyoncé is also going viral online. In the video, Ballinger can be seen singing and dancing to the song in which her face appears to be painted black in color. The video is supposedly from 2018 and was posted by Ballinger herself.

The video, reported by TikTok user @shiningdivaaa below, shows Ballinger performing in what allegedly appears to be blackface.


they even pretended to give birth to their cat while making noises GIRL WHAT.. #fyp #fypシ #colleenballinger #colleenisacreep #weird #foryou

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To date, Ballinger herself has not come forward to address these recent claims regarding the author’s remarks as well as the viral “Single Ladies” video.

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