Miranda Sings is facing alleged accusations of grooming a young fan. Others are coming forward describing similar experiences with the YouTuber.

Colleen Ballinger (Miranda Sings) is supposedly being labeled a “Predator” for allegedly grooming young fans over the course of several years

Miranda Sings Drama

Unfortunately, this is not the first time we’ve heard about Ballinger’s, alleged, inappropriate behavior with minors. Ballinger was first accused in 2020 by 17-year-old Adam Mcintyre when he posted a video called “Colleen Ballinger, stop lying.” In the video, he said Ballinger mailed him lingerie, asked him for sexual photos, and exploited him for unpaid child labor.  Though it gained some traction then, these supposed accusations were eventually swept under the rug.


Colleen’s Response

Not long after the video was uploaded Ballinger posted an apology video where she admitted to sending Mcintyre lingerie in 2016 saying “This was my fault”. But she also defended herself saying it was a “big joke in her fandom” to send miscellaneous items like toilet paper or shoes.


Why It’s Resurfaced

Over the weekend a Reddit thread on the situation started trending on the site and people began posting about it on others like TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter. The story soon went viral across social media.

Other Victims Come Forward

With the increased attention, KodeeRants, a drama channel, came forward to talk about their experiences being a fan of Colleen Ballinger. Kodee posted a video called “Why I left the Colleen Ballinger fandom…” on their YouTube channel where they showed alleged screenshots of inappropriate Twitter group chats that included minors and other adults. They also shared messages from a group chat called “the weenies” where Colleen supposedly asked a young fan if they were a virgin and what’s their favorite position. The fan was revealed to be Adam McIntyre.

At the time Ballinger was 30 and her fans in the chat were between 12-17. Many people are worried about Colleen Ballinger continuing her behavior as she still has many young fans and children of her own.

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