What happened with Colleen Ballinger? HOLR breaks down the latest news involving the social media star, AKA Miranda Sings.

According to this TikTok video posted by user @glittering_ghostwriter, Colleen Ballinger – AKA Miranda Sings- the situation involving the social media star is allegedly “worse than we knew.”


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Apparently, Ballinger has been exposed for acting inappropriately with fans in the past. Allegedly, one of her fans- Adam- came forward recently to address previous issues involving Colleen that supposedly happened few years ago. For instance, Colleen supposedly sent him lingerie as a joke. She also allegedly sent him inappropriate messages when he was 15 years old (a minor) supposedly asking him things like “Are you a virgin?” and “What sexual positions do you like?” She also supposedly used him for free labour when he operated her Twitter for a while.

Colleen has since come out with an apology video addressing these claims but her other fans allegedly chose to cyberattack Adam and support Colleen in the process. This is because- allegedly- Colleen asked other fans to attack Adam in other videos. Although this information has not been confirmed, other fans have speculated that this has happened.

Apparently, Colleen has also been accused of using her children by making money off of them for her content and not censoring their faces. She has also been getting a lot of attention lately for being featured in a podcast with Trisha Paytas, who is a controversial social media star.

Colleen Ballinger Reddit

Here’s what Reddit users have to say about the current situation involving the social media star in this trending thread:

“You know, I remember the first incident from 2020 and the amount of victim blaming the guy got was so disgusting. Saying it wasn’t that serious and that he’s just doing it for attention since he kept the lingerie. It doesn’t erase the fact that it’s still weird that it happened! He must’ve thought it was fine at first too then realized later on that it wasn’t okay. That’s normal to realize that,” said one user.

“It’s horrible, and Colleen is starting the cycle over again with her kids. Their entire lives are online and they’re SO young,” said another user.

“The fact that Colleen uploads content with her kids faces and everything is so incredibly selfish, all family bloggers are. To these parents, the views are just numbers and dollar signs but in reality, there’s a person behind that view, someone who now knows so much about your children while you know nothing about who or where they are. Also bullying in school is hard enough, but imagine all your family scandals being a google search away too? Yikes,” said another user.

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