The entertainment industry has reached a stage at which simply being an observer isn’t enough for many people. Instead of watching the action unfold, consumers want to be fully immersed in it. Immersive roulette is a prime example of how far things have come in the forward-thinking online casino industry.

Now, it’s expected that immersion will be the main focus of other areas of entertainment over the next few years, with streaming services likely to improve their engagement in this way soon.

Immersive Roulette Puts Players Closer to the Action Than Ever Before

Since the rise of live streaming at online casinos, developers have been trying to expand their offerings and make them as appealing as possible. Immersive roulette is now one of the top-played real-money roulette games, and it’s accompanied by other state-of-the-art offerings like Lightning Roulette and Turbo Roulette.

Immersive Roulette puts players right at the heart of the action and makes them feel as if they are standing at the roulette wheel. This is done through a range of advanced cameras displaying different angles of the game. Players are able to watch the ball rattle around the track before it reaches its final resting place. Thanks to the popularity of this type of immersion, it won’t be surprising to see more of it in other areas of entertainment in the years ahead.

Immersive Experiences Will be Enhanced by VR

There’s no doubt that virtual reality will help take the levels of immersion to new heights, as this is the primary aim of the technology. Wearers of VR headsets want to be whisked away to different places where they can soak up experiences that they wouldn’t normally be able to enjoy. For example, some of the most popular uses for VR are for skydiving and roller-coaster simulations. These are activities that some people fear due to safety concerns. The futuristic platform makes it possible for these people to enjoy the situations in a safe environment.

Online casino developers have already shown that they are interested in integrating VR as soon as it becomes mainstream. Microgaming and NetEnt have created VR roulette and VR slots respectively, and provided a taste of what people can expect in the future. The immersion of these titles will be incredible.

Streaming Services May Start Trying to Offer Greater Immersion

Streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video may soon take inspiration from Immersive Roulette and start offering more engaging experiences. Some offerings have already started to up the viewer engagement, with Black Mirror: Bandersnatch a prime example of a film that brought viewers into the action by giving them choices.

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When VR comes to the fore, there could be films and television series that allow viewers to get sucked in and become a part of the narrative. They may be able to look around sets as if they are actually there. This would be almost full immersion, but it could be a long way off at the moment.

Immersive Roulette looks set to be just the start when it comes to immersive experiences in entertainment. Its popularity, coupled with VR entering the mainstream, will lead to a rise of this form of engagement across the entertainment industry.

Published by HOLR Magazine.