From a research team in Saskatchewan being the first to develop a COVID-19 vaccine (currently in testing stages), to a joint research team in Toronto (Sunnybrooke, UofT & McMaster) having isolated “the agent responsible for the ongoing outbreak,” Canadians are proving that teamwork makes the dreamwork.

Not only are these feats incredible, but both research teams have shared their findings with other leading researchers around the world–demonstrating that we are all stronger together. 

To add to this sentiment, Canadians across the country are coming together (in a socially distant manner) as a community to combat this COVID-19 crisis through different means.

Fitness influencers and gyms are offering InstaLive workouts

The infamous Red Room instructors from Barry’s Bootcamp are hosting live workouts on each of their instructors’ pages everyday. They not only encourage being crafty with your weights if you don’t have the proper gym equipment (like using wine bottles or reusable bags filled with books), but they make the workouts accessible and adaptable for all.

Barry’s Bootcamp Instructor Brendan S.

The instructors participating are: Chris Lewarne & Karina Vee, Brendon Sorichetti, Kevin Yeboah & Hayley S., Kiana T. & Cam F., and Kristy Carson.

Though the workouts are free, Chris & Karina are encouraging donations to Daily Bread for those who are able to donate at this time.

HOLR Magazine’s Fitness Editor Karla Gillis of KG Lifestyle is offering a free 30 Day Fit Lifestyle Challenge with a great workout routine and stretching guide.

The team at Fit Factory Fitness is providing live noon and 5:30PM HIIT body weight workouts. They’ve developed it into a full program with abs, push & legs, pull & legs, and booty training days.  Starting next week, the incredible trainers will be offering Virtual Training on Zoom, as well.

Calii Love is hosting yoga and meditation live streams to help combat stress.

UberEats is helping Canadian’s eat local by offering free delivery

Dine-in restaurants have been closed and repurposed into take-out and delivery only food services. Thus, smaller local restaurants are suffering. UberEats is waving delivery fees to encourage people to continue to support these local spots and keep them afloat while we’re in this lull.

Celebrities are continuing to provide entertainment to help combat your self isolation boredom

[Photo Courtesy: Serge Ibaka]

The Toronto Raptors’ Serge Ibaka is doing a new, highly enjoyable, Insta series:
“How Bored Are You?” The Mafuzzy Chef, who–along with his teammates–was asked to self-isolate for two weeks after playing the Utah Jazz team before the NBA season was suspended, was going a little stir crazy and decided to connect with his fans and keep them motivated at home. “How Bored Are You” gives us a peak into Ibaka’s home life (in isolation) as he tackles in-home exercising, does some of his house chores, makes his morning drink recipe… and essentially everything else he is doing to combat his boredom.

“Flatten the Curve” Music Class [Photo Courtesy: The Arkells]

The Arkells are hosting “Flatten the Curve” music classes and teaching people in self-isolation how to play their music via Instagram Live. The band posts the chords to their songs on their social media platforms prior to the Instagram Live, where lead singer Max Kerman has been leading the classes.

Cheers to the breweries who are brewing up hand sanitizer, which was one of the panic bought and hoarded products

These breweries include Spirit of York Distillery Co, Labatt and Mill Street.

Moreover, special shoutout to the Canadian leaders who are demonstrating tremendous leadership during this incredibly difficult, unprecedented time.

[Photo Courtesy: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Instagram]

Say what you want about his politics, but Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has proven to be a remarkable presence in Canada during this pandemic–as has many of the other leaders in Ontario and around the country.

Thank you Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for practicing what you preach and for being a strong voice in a time where we all need this. Thank you to all of our leaders including Premier Doug Ford (honestly, never thought I’d say that) and Mayor John Tory for listening to the doctors and those in healthcare and making your decisions based upon their recommendations, rather than for your own political agenda.

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