Buying a cosmetic laser, whether for a new medical spa or to expand an already existing one, is considered a great investment for your company. These cosmetic lasers can help you improve your services because they can be used for a variety of cosmetic procedures such as hair removal, tattoo removal, and scar reduction. Therefore, it can also help you attract more customers who are looking to get these procedures done. However, because these lasers are quite expensive, practitioners have a difficult time deciding which one to go for, and they do wonder whether it is better to buy brand new or used cosmetic lasers.

As a result, it is very important to consider certain factors before making a decision. Here are a few things to think about when deciding which one to go with. 

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1. Support and Maintenance

A cosmetic laser is quite complicated and requires the manufacturer’s guidance on how to use it. The manufacturer can also send out a technician to provide a practical demonstration for your employees on how to use the equipment. Some cosmetic treatments require intensive training to master the art of the treatment, necessitating that the practitioner is specially trained by the manufacturers or their technicians on how to use the product and adjust the settings in order to get the best results for their patients.

These lasers come with pre-installed software and other treatment settings. This means that in order for the equipment to function properly, bugs must be fixed on a regular basis, security vulnerabilities must be checked, and software updates must be installed. Most manufacturers provide these services, as well as warranties, to customers when they purchase new lasers. When purchasing a new cosmetic laser directly from the manufacturer or their direct official resellers, the medical spa practitioner benefits from a close working relationship with the manufacturer or reseller.

2. Cost

One major factor that influences spa practitioners to choose a used cosmetic laser over a new one is the desire to reduce overall costs. Spending $30,000 on a new cosmetic laser is simply not comfortable or ideal for most people who are starting a new business or expanding their existing business to cover medical spas with lasers. Purchasing a used cosmetic laser, especially from a reputable and well-known dealer, will allow you to reinvest your savings in other areas of your business. 

Purchasing a top-brand, used laser will also ensure that you recover your investment faster than if it were brand new. Always ensure that you purchase a used cosmetic laser from a trusted and reputable dealer of Palomar Lasers to ensure you get a quality brand. Finding the best deal will ensure that you are comfortable using it while saving significant money for other purposes.

3. Authenticity and Superior Quality

Purchasing a used cosmetic laser could carry some risk in terms of product authenticity and quality. Even if you buy it from a close friend, there is no guarantee that you are getting a laser that is both authentic and of high quality. This is because most sellers lie about the quality of what they are selling, oftentimes leaving you with a defective laser.

Aside from not knowing if something is seriously wrong with the product or if it is genuine, you risk falling victim to online scams and losing money. Also, you could be sued for medical malpractice if these lasers cause an accident while you are working on a client. Accidents caused by a faulty laser are grounds for establishing liability.

These are the reasons why purchasing a used laser is not ideal; however, such situations can be avoided by only purchasing from trusted and reliable dealers, as previously mentioned. This will ensure that the used product you purchased is free of faults and that you are not duped. Most importantly, it will ensure that the cosmetic laser is both genuine and high-quality.

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Purchasing a cosmetic laser for your medical spa business has become very important, and it is also a significant financial investment. This, like deciding whether to buy a new or used vehicle, could be difficult. As a result, it is important to consider the aforementioned factors when deciding whether it is better for new businesses with limited capital to purchase a used cosmetic laser to reduce business expenses. 

However, one should consider the risk involved; as previously stated; these risks can be avoided by only purchasing from a trusted and reliable dealer. We hope you find the best deal that meets all of your requirements.

Published by HOLR Magazine.